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No matter what your industry focus, thesis or cheque size – U of T is the place to invest.

U of T is #1 in Canada for research-based startups. With strengths in fields ranging from artificial intelligence to regenerative medicine to quantum computing, our startups are disrupting industries, making the planet a better place and generating returns for investors.

With support from 12+ campus accelerators such as University of Toronto Early Stage Technologies (UTEST) and an institutional focus on IP Literacy, you can invest with confidence knowing that the entrepreneurs leading U of T’s startups are equipped with the tools and the mindset to compete and excel.

Smart investors invest in U of T alumni. In fact, since 2005:

U of T alumni have launched over 650

venture-backed companies valued at over $100B CAD

They have raised 31 B

in venture funding and created over 43,000 jobs

U of T supports over 400

companies annually from idea to seed stage.

*as per Pitchbook Venture Capital database

Building on our world-class research excellence and exceptional talent, our rich community of entrepreneurship accelerators is creating the innovative companies and jobs of the future.

Notable companies

Blue J Legal 

Blue J Legal is on a mission to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on-demand. Its AI-powered platforms accurately predict court outcomes and allow practitioners to find relevant…

Kepler Communications 

Kepler is building a Nanosatellite space network to connect all things in space. Using low-cost, rapidly deployable shoebox-size satellites, Kepler will make the Internet possible in space.


Erthos, formerly known as Ecopackers creates plant powered alternatives to traditional plastics. Single use plastics made with erthos™ solutions are compostable, and compatible with existing plastic technology, making plant powered…


Xanadu aims to build the first large-scale and room-temperature quantum computer using predominately off-the-shelf and affordable components. Our quantum computer is based on a photonic substrate and the cluster state…

Deep Genomics 

Deep Genomics Inc. develops an artificial intelligence-powered discovery platform that supports geneticists, molecular biologists, chemists, toxicologists, and drug developers in the identification and development of genetic medicines. Deep Genomics Inc….


ODAIA is a data analytics, process mining and machine learning platform for enterprise sales optimization, churn analysis and prediction. Their platform will help companies create efficiencies and grow revenues by…


Atomwise Inc. patented the first deep learning technology for structure-based small molecule drug discovery. This AI technology harnesses millions of data points and thousands of protein structures to solve problems…


ALT TEX engineers sustainable, biodegradable and carbon-neutral fabrics for the fashion industry. Through its closed-loop model, ALT TEX is re-engineering food waste into biodegradable fabrics intended to replace polyester.

LSK Technologies Inc. 

Life Sciences Key Technologies aims to bring decentralized laboratory capacity to the point of need, globally. We provide “pop-up” lab capacity to virtually any setting.


Ada is a chat-support automation platform that enables support teams to provide instant answers to their users’ questions through messaging. Ada powers chat-support automation for companies like Kik, Medium, Wattpad,…


Medchart digitizes and simplifies the request and release of health information for healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance providers, and patients.


Genecis is a biotechnology company that converts organic waste into high quality, PHA biodegradable plastics. We help waste management companies save on organic disposal costs and supply plastic manufacturers with…

Notch Therapeutics 

NotchTX is a platform technology that uses stem cells to produce progenitor T-cells that can be manufactured at scale, will potentially be less toxic, longer lasting, and will substitute mature…

OTI Lumionics 

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are revolutionizing flat panel displays and lighting. OTI Lumionics is working on unlocking the full potential of OLED technology, through innovative equipment, materials, and process…

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