U of T funding opportunities


Hatchery Summer Fellowships and Prototype Funding

Participants of the Hatchery have the opportunity to receive summer fellowships to work on their business idea, or support from the prototype fund to develop a minimum viable product.

Funding | Up to $2,000

The Fred Reilly Award

Up to $2,000 for a graduating Victoria College student with entrepreneurial spirit and interest in innovation and invention, to support their plan to develop an environmental or humanitarian product or procedure. Applications are due by April 15th.


True Blue Fund

An opportunity for donors and partners to support our emerging entrepreneurs and double their impact. Through the True Blue Fund, the University is committing $2.5 million to match donations in support of student and recent alumni awards, fellowships and entrepreneurial activity through campus accelerator funds.


Buy Blue Program

U of T-affiliated startups selling to U of T entities can access funds provided by the Provost aimed at accelerating our startup’s products and services to the marketplace.

Funding | up to $100,000

Connaught Fund

Connaught is an internal program that provides U of T researchers with funding to further their work. Connaught is the largest internal university research funding program in Canada. Since 1972, it has awarded more than $174.8 million to U of T scholars. The original $29 million was endowed. Today, Connaught is worth over $135 million.

Funding | Over $25,000

Adams Sustainability Innovation Prize Competition

This annual competition offers over $25,000 in prizes to recognize, reward and accelerate U of T’s most innovative sustainability ideas.


U of T Accelerators

Many of U of T’s Accelerators offer funding opportunities through a wide range of cohorts, programs and pitch competitions.


UTEST Startup Funding

UTEST provides nascent software companies with $100,000 startup funding, office space in the MaRS Discovery District facility, mentoring and business strategy support.

External funding opportunities

External Funding

National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)

NACO members assist Canadian startups in every region and industry to execute their vision and compete on the global stage. They support early-stage organizations and individuals who provide patient risk capital, expert advice, and professional networks when traditional financial and other institutions cannot.

External Funding


Resources and funding to supports small and medium-sized businesses in all industries and at every stage of growth with funding and advice.

Community Partners


Develop your career through new research connections, experience, and professional skills training. Working with universities, 6,000 +companies, and both federal and provincial governments, Mitacs build partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada. Funding is available for all disciplines.

External Funding


A non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39.

Community Partners

Ontario Centre of Innovation

OCI supports the commercialization of academic intellectual property (IP), industry-academic collaborations and the development and adoption of emerging technologies. This includes overseeing the execution of advanced technology platforms that will equip Ontario companies to compete in a competitive global digital economy.