U of T Startup Toolkit

Add some True Blue to your marketing collateral with this toolkit tailored for U of T startups. Highlight your venture’s affiliation with the University of Toronto to investors, partners, customers, and potential employees using the assets designed specifically for U of T startups. Below, you will find materials you need to include U of T throughout your marketing and communications – whether you want to include U of T’s logo on your website, add the boilerplate to a news release or show off your true blue spirit in a presentation to investors.

The U of T Startup wordmark is a unifier, bringing together all startups with a connection to U of T, including those founded by students, alumni, and faculty; those that are CLA-affiliated, and those that have started externally. Use this wordmark to display your startup’s association with U of T.

Designed for U of T Startups, the video bumper represents the entrepreneurship community’s collective inputs to accelerate ventures founded by students, alumni, researchers and faculty members. Add this bumper to your next business pitch or product video to symbolize the support your startup has received from the U of T Entrepreneurship community.

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Insert this boilerplate directly into media releases, web pages or other collateral as needed:

“The University of Toronto is creating the game-changing companies and jobs of the future through its vibrant entrepreneurship community, which brings world-class research excellence and exceptional talent together in the heart of one of the world’s most diverse and innovative cities. The University’s entrepreneurship network offers custom support to entrepreneurs at any stage in any sector, connecting them with the people and expertise they need to start, grow and scale their ventures. U of T ranks among the top university-managed business incubators in the world, and U of T entrepreneurs have created more than 600 companies and secured more than $2 billion (CAD) in investment over the past decade, outpacing every other Canadian university.”

194 years of brand recognition goes a long way. Add the U of T or UTE mark to your website, presentations and other marketing materials.

U of T Entrepreneurship

University of Toronto

U of T-affiliated startups can use these talking points when speaking with potential partners, investors, or the media to illustrate how their relationship with the University unlocks access to global networks, world-renowned research expertise and customized support for entrepreneurs at any stage in any sector.

The University of Toronto is an innovation powerhouse with the tools, resources and depth of expertise that entrepreneurs need to start, grow and scale their game-changing ideas and products, whatever stage they’re at and no matter the focus of their venture. Potential partners can invest with confidence knowing that U of T entrepreneurs are equipped with the customized support they need to compete and excel.

Entrepreneurs at U of T can tap into a massive innovation network that includes a number of specialized industry-connected hubs spread across three vibrant campuses, underpinned by the University’s institutional focus on IP literacy and its critical mass of extraordinary talent in an unparalleled array of disciplines. This expertise includes world-renowned excellence in health, artificial intelligence, cleantech and information technology.

U of T is consistently ranked in the top 25 universities and among the top 10 public universities in the world, which allows the University to provide innovators with an incredible range of unique offerings that are only available at institutions operating at this level of global renown.

The University is located at the heart of one of the world’s most diverse and innovative cities and is a critical part of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, which has a higher concentration of startups than anywhere else on the planet besides Silicon Valley. The vibrant MaRS Discovery District and University Avenue’s “hospital row” are both just across the road from U of T’s St. George Campus, and the University has numerous partnerships with key industry players and world-class hospitals as well as a global alumni network that spans most countries and territories. With this concentration of innovation and industry at their doorstep, U of T entrepreneurs can easily make the connections they need to unlock the full potential of their transformative ideas and products.

U of T’s exceptional environment for entrepreneurial success is borne out in both industry rankings and the huge amount of capital raised by affiliated ventures: U of T is ranked among the top university-managed business incubators in the world (UBI Global) and the top university in Canada for spurring innovation (Maclean’s national reputation rankings), and U of T entrepreneurs have created more than 600 companies and secured more than $2 billion (CAD) in investment over the past decade, outpacing every other Canadian university.