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The RBC Awards for Diversity and Innovation in Technology provide support to members of equity-deserving groups studying at the University of Toronto, including Black and Indigenous students and/or women, interested in a career at the intersection of technology and financial services. Applicants are evaluated based on their academic achievements and innovative accomplishments.

The awards will support up to six eligible students annually over two years:

  • Each award will be valued at $15,000 per year
  • Renewable for a second year so long as the recipient remains enrolled full-time at U of T and maintains a minimum GPA

Application Process

  • Recipients must be third-year undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the University of Toronto at the time of the award payment (Fall 2024). 
  • Eligible candidates should identify as Black or Indigenous students and/or women enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, or the Departments of Computer Science, Math or Physics at the Faculty of Arts & Science, UTSC or UTM.
  • Recipients must remain full-time students for the entire academic year (2024-2025) in order to retain the award payment.
  • Third-year students from equity-deserving groups who are in other technology-focused disciplines or who can demonstrate technology-focused experience will also be considered.

Equity-deserving groups at U of T include:

Black studentsAll
Indigenous studentsAll
First-generation Canadian studentsAll
Refugee studentsAll
Students registered with Accessibility ServicesAll
Women studentsFaculty of Applied Science and Engineering and/or the
Department of Computer Science, Math or Physics at the Faculty of Arts & Science, UTSC or UTM.

April 15, 2024

Applications open

May 31, 2024
5:00 pm

Deadline to apply

Summer 2024

Adjudication process

Fall 2024

Award recipients announced

All award applications will be reviewed and assessed by an adjudication committee comprising of RBC representatives, entrepreneurship and innovation staff and faculty members, researchers and directors, and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in exploring a future career in technology
  • Experience working on an innovative solution and evidence of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Academic achievement

Applications are open from April 15 to May 31, 2024.

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Please direct all questions regarding the RBC Awards or application process to:

Kay Martinez
Program & Business Services Coordinator, University of Toronto Entrepreneurship
Subject line: Questions: RBC Awards

Past Recipients

Meet the 2023 Award Recipients

Ipek Akyol 

Ipek is an international student at the University of Toronto, with strong interests in human-computer interaction, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as a Director at 180 Degrees Consulting and the University of Toronto Consulting Association, she is working to foster the professional growth of undergraduate students and create social impact through community partnerships. Ipek’s prior experiences at startups have introduced her to the realm of technology-driven social innovation, allowing her to navigate the convergence of technology and business in entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Orrin Dahanaggamaarachchi

Orrin is a 3rd Year Robotics Engineering student seeking to make an impact at the intersection of technology and aerospace. He has experience working in both technical and non-technical environments, as well as leading a variety of teams. This summer, Orrin was selected as a Zenith National Fellow and spent his time working at Rocket Lab, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies. He is continually improving his knowledge of emerging technologies and hopes to use these tools to create a technology-focused startup in the future. 

Helen Li

Helen is passionate about leveraging technology as a force for social good and impact. She has explored the world of technology and innovation at Microsoft, AI4Good Lab, Computational Health and Interaction Lab, Citadel, Jane Street, and more. On campus, she is currently a Women in Science and Engineering executive, Department of Computer Science ambassador, and peer mentor for first-year students in Statistics. 

Avni Tilva 

Avni is a third-year mechanical engineering student specializing in mechatronics and energy and the environment. She enjoys designing and building to turn ideas into reality. This summer, her goal is to do research involving solar energy and materials which may be used for green technology in the future. 

Kerem Topal Ismail Oglou

Kerem is a Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto with a focus on AI and Engineering Business. His journey started at 15 with a 3D-printed animal prosthetics startup, sparking a passion for tech and community service. Kerem is also a Cansbridge Fellow, one of 20 Canadian students with a $10K scholarship and an eye-opening Asia internship, strengthening his dedication to global problem-solving. 

Mouaid Alim  (2022)

Faculty of Arts and Science 
Program: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Specialist, Physiology Major and Computer Science Minor
Campus: St. George 
Year: 3rd 

Sana Hashim (2022)

Faculty of Geography, Geomatics and Environment 
Program: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Major and Sustainability and Business & Entrepreneurship Minors 
Campus: UTM 
Year: 3rd 

Yara Nassar (2022)

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering 
Program: Engineering Science 
Campus: St. George 
Year: 3rd 

Muhammed Yakubu (2022)

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering 
Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Campus: St. George 
Year: 3rd