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Innovations & Partnerships Office

The University of Toronto Startup Guidebook

The University of Toronto Startup Guidebook is intended for U of T faculty, staff, and students interested in launching a startup company based on intellectual property developed at the U of T. It is also a broad overview of the startup process and provides background on resources available for all U of T entrepreneurs.

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Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer

The Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer outlines the essential elements of technology transfer at the University of Toronto (U of T). This guide is organized to answer the most common questions we typically field from our research community and provides a broad overview of the tech transfer process and services available for researchers.

U of T resources


Innovations & Partnerships Office

The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your first stop for commercialization at U of T. IPO manages U of T’s portfolio of intellectual property (IP) and helps build successful relationships between industry, government, and the U of T research community. IPO’s expertise in licensing, start-up creation, business development, and legal matters help turn U of T innovations into products, services, companies, and jobs.


University of Toronto Libraries

University of Toronto Libraries supports campus entrepreneurs enrolled in courses and programs, commercializing research, and launching startups on their own or via a campus accelerator.


Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society

Brings together expertise across sectors and disciplines to reinvent laws, institutions, and social values so that powerful technologies such as AI are responsible, inclusive, and beneficial to everyone.



The MADLab is a student-centric facility, at the heart of the downtown campus, devoted to accelerating mobile software development at University of Toronto.


Ideation Clinic

The Praxis Ideation Challenge is a program intended to help you develop or refine potentially commercializable ideas for those living with spinal cord injury. Based on your Video Ideas or Concept Pitch, address your needs through an active learning curriculum, mentorship, milestone awards, and prototyping support.


Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL)

The DCSIL program incubates and fosters knowledge that has successfully produced many startups by bringing software and startup-specific education to…

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