Taking your business further

No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, U of T has an accelerator or development program that can help your business reach its highest potential. The University of Toronto is home to a variety of accelerators serving students and faculty from all disciplines and levels of experience.

Logo image of Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)
Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)
Focus: Tech companies ready to launch, scalable products/services, Equity value creation
Features: MentorshipEducationFunding OpportunitiesInvestor AccessMBAsTraining
The Creative Destruction Lab is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based ventures. It employs a unique, objectives-focused coaching process to help founders commercialize advances in science and technology. The Lab also provides experiential learning to Rotman MBA students through year-long courses where students work alongside the Lab’s Fellows and venture founders, giving them a unique chance to learn how to evaluate, finance, and manage technology businesses. Graduates of the Lab include Thalmic Labs (Waterloo), Atomwise (San Francisco), Deep Genomics (Toronto), Nymi (Toronto), Automat (Montreal), Kyndi (Palo Alto), and Heuritech (Paris). The Creative Destruction Lab was founded in 2012 at the Rotman School and now has additional programs at the UBC Sauder School of Business, the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, HEC Montreal and Dalhousie University. A new program will launch at the Stern School of Business at New York University in 2018. This year the Lab in Toronto launched a new program focused on the creation of quantum machine learning startups.
Logo image of Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL)
Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL)
Focus: Computer science, entrepreneurship
Features: MentorshipCommercializationCompetitionEducationFunding OpportunitiesMulti-disciplinaryTraining
DCS Innovation Lab is an early-stage environment where entrepreneurial- and intrapreneurial-minded students can use their academic and research skill to create innovation through software. Through various initiatives, including an upper-year course on the business of software and a summer entrepreneurship program, undergraduates and grads are introduced to the nature, structure, and dynamics of the contemporary software industry. Computer science students are partnered with students from across the University of Toronto to idea, validate, and develop disruptive innovations that have computer science at their core.
Logo image of Entrepreneurship Hatchery
Entrepreneurship Hatchery
Focus: Entrepreneurs getting their start, Engineering
Features: MentorshipCompetitionEquipmentFunding OpportunitiesMulti-disciplinaryTraining
The Entrepreneurship Hatchery is an incubation program for students looking to nurture their early-stage ideas and startup interests. Over the summer term, teams form and develop product prototypes using U of T’s engineering resources and equipment as they learn business and entrepreneurship skills from faculty and industry mentors. While each Hatchery team must have at least one member enrolled in Engineering, entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds may join as part of a team. The session concludes in a competition judged by industry leaders, with major funding awards at stake.
Logo image of Health Innovation Hub (H2i)
Health Innovation Hub (H2i)
Focus: Mentoring creative solutions for Health Matters
Features: MentorshipCommercializationCompetitionEducationEquipmentFunding OpportunitiesInvestor AccessMulti-disciplinaryTraining
The Health Innovation Hub (H2i) was established in May 2015 in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto to Enable, Collaborate, Educate, and Facilitate student driven translation and commercialization of ideas into problem-solving designs on health matters. H2i works to align, connect, and leverage the significant critical mass of people, facilities, programs and funds of the university and its partners towards effective and efficient health innovation ventures. We provide open and flexible educational and mentorship opportunities that place students at the heart of education, research, entrepreneurship and innovation; access to resources, equipment and expertise; and serve as a conduit for innovation throughout the Toronto Academic Health Science Network.
Logo image of ICUBE
Features: MentorshipEducationFunding OpportunitiesMulti-disciplinaryTrainingWorkspace
ICUBE is an on-campus accelerator that offers early-stage business development and commercialization services as part of the U of T Mississauga and the Institute for Management & Innovation. Some of the acceleration and business development services include a collaborative space for innovative students and community partners to engage, tailored speaker sessions, an entrepreneurial curriculum, and a mentorship program.
Logo image of Impact Centre
Impact Centre
Focus: Science to society, Physical sciences, Social benefit
Features: MentorshipEducationTraining
The Impact Centre is a development hub for early-stage startups based in the natural sciences and engineering. This includes businesses developing innovative medical devices, advanced materials and complex computer hardware or software. The Impact Centre’s annual ‘bootcamp’ program, called ‘Techno,’ provides intensive entrepreneurship training for scientists and engineers looking to build businesses rooted in university research. Following Techno, alumni startups are eligible to receive ongoing technical and business mentorship, support from advisors and fellow founders, and access to personnel through student internships. These businesses may also access some prototyping, work, and meeting space. Impact Centre businesses must be dedicated to transforming university research into value to society.
Logo image of Start@UTIAS
Features: MentorshipEducationFunding OpportunitiesMulti-disciplinaryTraining
Entrepreneur Francis Shen, an alumnus of UTIAS, has established a new entrepreneurial incubation program at UTIAS with a $1 million donation. The program, called Start@UTIAS encourages and facilitates UTIAS graduate students to utilize the knowledge and skills that they have gained through their education to create business start-ups. Start offers the tools needed to create successful start-ups, including legal and accounting workshops, speaker dinners/series, networking opportunities, capital funding, and mentorship provided by Mr. Shen. 90% of the donated money goes directly to the students.
Logo image of The Hub
The Hub
Focus: Early-stage innovation and entrepreneurship
Features: MentorshipCommercializationCompetitionEducationFunding OpportunitiesMulti-disciplinaryTrainingWorkspace
The Hub at UTSC is an early-stage innovation and entrepreneurship centre that orients students to the process of design thinking, lean startup and industry mentoring. The Hub works primarily with undergraduate teams in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on web-based technologies. It coordinates efforts with Arts & Science Co-op and Management Co-op at UTSC, and provides an active workspace for students embracing entrepreneurship in a wide variety of disciplines, but especially computer science and business management. Located at the eastern campus, The Hub is home to a broad range of innovative and entrepreneurial projects, the development of new prototypes and the incubation of new companies.
Logo image of UTEST
Focus: Software companies ready to develop, Mobile technology, Cloud technology
Features: MentorshipEducationGuaranteed FundingTrainingWorkspace
UTEST is a startup development program for nascent software companies supported in partnership by University of Toronto and MaRS Innovation. Its companies receive funding, mentorship, business strategy support and office space in the Banting Institute.