SCALEUP Showcase

Join us for the first-ever Scaleup Showcase at U of T Entrepreneurship Week! Founders from ten of U of T’s high-growth, Ontario-based companies will share their stories from the frontlines, advice for fundraising, driving revenue growth and more. 

When: Thursday, March 11, 2021, 4 – 6 pm EST (Toronto)

Where: U of T Entrepreneurship Week (virtual)

Why: Founders from ten of U of T’s fastest-growing alumni companies will share their stories from the frontlines, advice for fundraising, driving revenue growth, building a team and what they hope awaits their venture in the year ahead. Each founder will present for five minutes, followed by a five-minute Q&A session with the moderators.


  • Kurtis Scissons, Director of University Ventures and Co-director, UTEST
  • Helen Kontozopoulos, Chief Evangelist & Co-founder, ODAIA Intelligence



erthos™ uses the power of plants, to simply edit the way we make and use single-use plastics. Learn more.

Presenter: Nuha Sidiqui, CEO & Co-founder

Hypercare is a mobile-first communication and collaboration app for healthcare professionals within hospitals. Learn more.

Presenter: Albert Tai, CEO & Co-founder

Blue J Legals AI-powered software accurately predicts legal outcomes in challenging areas of US tax law. Learn more.

Presenter: Benjamin Alarie, Co-founder & CEO

EBT Medical is a venture-backed, clinical-stage company pursuing disruptive neuromodulation technologies, focused on pelvic health disorders. Learn more.

Presenter: Keith R. Carlton, CEO

AmacaThera is commercializing combination products at the interface of biomaterials and pharmaceuticals. Learn more.

Presenter: Mike Cooke, CEO & Co-founder

Winterlight has developed a tablet-based speech assessment to detect cognitive impairment associated with dementia and mental illness. Learn more.

Presenter: Liam Kaufman, CEO & Co-founder

OTI Lumionics develops advanced materials for next-generation OLED displays using quantum simulations, machine learning, and pilot production testing. Learn more.

Presenter: Michael G. Helander, President & CEO

Ada Support is empowering businesses to provide personalized experiences at scale using AI chatbot to improve CX, reduce costs, and drive revenue. Learn more.

Presenter: Mike Murchison, Co-founder & CEO

Kepler is using existing and emerging technology to reshape the satellite communications industry, developing groundbreaking technology and providing real solutions for global gaps in connectivity. Learn more.

Presenter: Wen Cheng Chong, Co-founder & CEO

ODAIA Intelligence is the leading AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) that pioneered the combination of process mining, customer journey mapping and AI to deliver goal-driven commercial insights and process automation as a SaaS platform. Learn more

Presenter: Helen Kontozopoulos, Chief Evangelist & Co-founder

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