University of Toronto entrepreneurs have created more than 500 companies, securing over $1.5 billion in investment over the past decade. Our research strengths in areas such as health sciences, AI and information technology converge to launch game-changing startups that transform lives in Canada and around the world. In this video, we showcase some of U of T’s fastest-growing companies which together have raised over 138M in investment and created more than 450 high-value jobs in Canada and abroad.



Erthos, formerly known as Ecopackers creates plant powered alternatives to traditional plastics. Single use plastics made with erthos™ solutions are compostable, and compatible with existing plastic technology, making plant powered…


Hypercare creates software that revolutionizes how healthcare providers collaborate with each other. As medicine becomes increasing complex and team-based, Hypercare ensures that patients do not fall through the cracks.

Blue J Legal 

Blue J Legal is on a mission to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on-demand. Its AI-powered platforms accurately predict court outcomes and allow practitioners to find relevant…

EBT Medical 

EBT Medical is commercializing a new class of electrical neuromodulation therapies aimed at treating overactive bladder. EBT is a venture-backed, clinical stage company pursuing disruptive neuromodulation technologies, focused on pelvic…


AmacaThera is focused on developing a unique, injectable hydrogel platform technology that addresses the critical problem of sustaining therapeutic delivery of pharmacological agents for multiple disease areas.

WinterLight Labs 

Winterlight Labs has developed software that can detect cognitive impairment and depression through speech using machine learning.

OTI Lumionics 

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are revolutionizing flat panel displays and lighting. OTI Lumionics is working on unlocking the full potential of OLED technology, through innovative equipment, materials, and process…


Ada is a chat-support automation platform that enables support teams to provide instant answers to their users’ questions through messaging. Ada powers chat-support automation for companies like Kik, Medium, Wattpad,…

Kepler Communications 

Kepler is building a Nanosatellite space network to connect all things in space. Using low-cost, rapidly deployable shoebox-size satellites, Kepler will make the Internet possible in space.


ODAIA is a data analytics, process mining and machine learning platform for enterprise sales optimization, churn analysis and prediction. Their platform will help companies create efficiencies and grow revenues by…