Meet the brilliant minds on the frontlines of Canada’s healthcare revolution

MaRS Impact Health brings together all members of the ecosystem to commercialize health tech, improve patient outcomes and innovate the healthcare system.

This May 25-27, you’re invited to MaRS Impact Health — three days of talks, demos, debates, and bold ideas.

MaRS Impact Health features the most promising companies and discoveries solving today’s biggest health challenges. Meet the brilliant minds improving healthcare on a global scale: entrepreneurs, investors, academics, clinicians and policymakers.

Our programming showcases new technologies, featuring some of the most renowned leaders in the health industry:

● Innovation: Hear from the brilliant minds behind the latest technologies and trends through lightning talks, live panels and demos.

● Business: Gain insight from health and biotech investors leading the unprecedented boom in Canadian funding.

● Transformation: Learn how healthcare providers, industry insiders and governments are looking to transform practices, procedures and infrastructure in a post-COVID-19 world.

U of T Speakers

Hear from experts in health innovation from U of T, including faculty members and startup founders:

  • Chris Ahuja, CEO & CMO, Inteligex
  • Mohammad Ali Amini, CEO, Nanology Labs
  • Catherine Chan, CEO & Co-founder Honeybee Health
  • Mike Cooke, Co-founder, AmacaThera
  • Leah Cowen, Vice President, Research an Innovation, and Strategic Initiatives, U of T
  • Brendan Frey, CEO & Founder, Deep Genomics
  • Daniel Gelman, CEO & Founder, Aufero Medical
  • Omar Khan, Assistant Professor, U of T
  • Helen Kontozopoulos, Founder, ODAIA
  • Tom Leung, CSO and Co-founder, BenchSci
  • Molly Shoichet, Professor, U of T, and Co-founder, AmacaThera


AmacaThera is focused on developing a unique, injectable hydrogel platform technology that addresses the critical problem of sustaining therapeutic delivery of pharmacological agents for multiple disease areas.


BenchSci uses proprietary machine learning, bioinformatics ontologies, image recognition technologies, filters, and a figure-centric interface to enable rapid selection of experiment-specific antibodies.

Deep Genomics 

Deep Genomics Inc. develops an artificial intelligence-powered discovery platform that supports geneticists, molecular biologists, chemists, toxicologists, and drug developers in the identification and development of genetic medicines. Deep Genomics Inc….


Honeybee connects researchers and study participants. Our web and mobile app is a place to participate in ground-breaking research. Earn cash & rewards. And discover yourself. We improve people-driven research…


Inteligex is a healthcare company that provides precision cell and molecular therapies to restore lost function and independence for people living with spinal cord injuries and other disease of the…

QurCan Therapeutics Inc. 

QurCan Therapeutics develops a novel theranostic technology with capability of detecting brain tumor at early stages using MRI. Simultaneously, it sensitizes cancer cells which improves the radiation therapy outcome. Formerly…

Notch Therapeutics 

NotchTX is a platform technology that uses stem cells to produce progenitor T-cells that can be manufactured at scale, will potentially be less toxic, longer lasting, and will substitute mature…


ODAIA is a data analytics, process mining and machine learning platform for enterprise sales optimization, churn analysis and prediction. Their platform will help companies create efficiencies and grow revenues by…