Announcing the BFN Accelerate 2023 startups!

Through a competitive selection process, 10 start-up ventures from the University of Toronto community were chosen
to participate in the 2023 BFN Accelerate Program.

Join us at BFN’s Annual Summer Showcase on October 20 to meet the startup teams in person and learn more about their ventures.

Register here.

Agnosys Health

Founder: Gigaloluwa (Giga) Ilori

Agnosys Health is on a mission to deliver patient-centric care, shifting away from hospital-centric models. They have launched two flagship products: Immunehome, a vaccination service brought directly to patients’ homes, and Communities, a platform connecting individuals with healthcare professionals for direct support. By providing convenient access to vaccinations and fostering a collaborative healthcare environment, Agnosys Health is revolutionising the industry. Their patient-centred approach and innovative solutions are transforming the way healthcare is delivered, placing patients’ preferences and needs at the heart of their mission.


Founder: Ehi Agbonlahor

Through Anutio, Ehi empowers individuals with personalized tools to identify and create fulfilling careers. Anutio is an AI-powered career guidance, discovery, mapping, and development platform aligned with the ever-changing demands of the future of work. Their mission is to level the playing field and remove barriers to career growth for students and early-career professionals especially those from non-Ivey schools, low social status, and disadvantaged backgrounds.


Founder: Kristina Knox

Arbre is a sustainable sun care brand on a mission to create innovative and inclusive SPF products for Canadians. At Arbre, we believe that sun protection products do not need to be one size fits all solutions, we are creating effective SPF products that will work for every body


Co-founders: Tanika McLeod and Nathan Knight

Cliq is a content repurposing tool built for busy educational creators. By transforming lengthy content into shareable clips and written content, we eliminate the manual effort that holds them back from building their online presence. We use AI to handle the grunt work, not only to save time, but boost discoverability and engagement. For our creators, the newfound ability to repurpose content in seconds means reaching a wider audience, expanding your lead funnel, and ultimately adding more revenue to your income – giving you more time and resources to invest back into the growth of your platform.

Fiat Match

Founder: Tomisin Salam

FiatMatch is revolutionizing international financial services and building a universal bank with a suite of solutions to ensure immigrants get the best value for their hard-earned money, ALWAYS.


Founder: Chijindu Ukagwu

mhapy uses a proprietary chatbot to provide psychotherapists with real time mental health analysis of their patients, and help to identify which clients need more urgent support and prioritize resources accordingly. mhapy does this through its proprietary chatbot that performs mental health assessments to connects the user with support. Our API empowers any psychotherapist to get their own mental health chatbot for their business website or application.

My Well Self

Founder: Brenda Ahenkorah

My Well Self is a fast-growing AI-powered digital health & wellness platform committed to empowering the public by matching them to and educating them on the most appropriate wellness treatment specific to health issues and building tailored additional services and/or products based on health issues.

We focus on integrating real-world data from users with similar profiles, treatments, and outcomes, enabling precise matching with wellness providers, providing additional services, and building alliances with professional associations to support the efficacy of treatment.


Founder: Jordan Smith is a Canadian-based community-sharing platform. That acts as a modern online facilitator of rental items, spaces, and curated community experiences between users, and locals sharing through a single user-friendly app.


Founder: Aubin Cooper 

Soundwav is a collaborative workspace for the future of music. One platform for musicians and producers to collaborate in real time, working alongside your existing DAW.


Founders: Ayodele Ejiofoh and Ifeanyi Eze-Onuorah

TitanXchange is a payment remittance platform that enables users to make cross border payments in an easy and efficient way. Through the use of digital wallets, users can hold funds or transfer funds directly to a recipient’s bank account or digital wallet in various currencies globally

Meet the startups at our BFN Demo Day on October 20th.