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The U of T Entrepreneurship community consists of 10+ accelerators across our three campuses. Our entrepreneurial initiatives leverage the diverse strengths of a globally recognized university to provide an incredible range of unique offerings to current and aspiring innovators.

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Startup spotlight

Explore U of T’s innovative startups with their world-class strengths ranging from advanced materials and manufacturing to regenerative medicine and AI.

This is the place to target genetic diseases 

University of Toronto startup Deep Genomics is using artificial intelligence to find better drugs for genetic disorders and to get them into the clinic faster. Ever since scientists fully sequenced…

Boy with child-sized wearable walking device is guided by researcher.

This is the place to help kids walk 

A small boy wearing Trexo Robotics assistive technology smiles as a helper shows him a tablet display University of Toronto startup Trexo Robotics is designing innovative assistive technology that supports…

This is the place to expand the internet into space 

U of T startup Kepler Communications’ tiny internet satellites are helping scientists share field data. The more field data that scientists analyze from around the world, the better we’ll be…

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For Entrepreneurs

Desjardins Startup Prize 

Awarding more than $100K in prizes to U of T’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Are you a startup founder or do you have a great idea you want to turn into a…

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