Getting There

The Banting and Best buildings are found on College Street, just northeast of University Ave.

The Banting & Best Centre’s administrative office is located in room 408 of the Best building at 112 College Street. Both the Banting and the Best buildings are near University Avenue, a one-minute walk from Queen’s Park subway station and the 506 Carlton streetcars and a six-minute walk from College subway station at Yonge Street.

College Street features a dedicated bicycle lane and plentiful bicycle stands are available at the entrance to the buildings. Campus Pay & Display and permit parking is located on-site for afterhours and weekend parking, with many other parking facilities nearby.

Centrally located, the Banting & Best Centre is within a comfortable walking distance to:

Within a two kilometre circle around the Banting & Best Centre, there are nine research hospitals, 5000 principal investigators with annual research budgets of over $1 billion. (Kleiner, K. Nature. 2008, 453, 252)

Mailing Address

Due to the large number of tenants in each building, please specify a room number or the full name as well as the company or organization of the recipient.

Banting & Best Centre Administrative Office
Room 408
112 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1L6

Banting Institute
100 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1L5

Best Institute
112 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1L6