Happy Pops’ – a U of T startup that crafts all-natural ice pops using real fruit without the use of artificial colours or flavours – recently partnered with French’s to create a savoury tomato flavoured popsicle. Available at pop-up locations across Canada for a limited time only, the ketchup-flavoured treats received viral media attention across the country.

On Wednesday, French’s debuted a ketchup-flavored “Frenchsicle,” which will be available exclusively at pop-up locations across Canada through June 24. According to the brand, the popsicles combine the savory taste of tomatoes with a hint of salty sweetness, reports Thrillist.

“I love creating innovative treats that appeal to Canada’s diverse tastes,” Happy Pops Founder Leila Keshavjee said in a press release. “I started Happy Pops to bring all-natural, handcrafted flavor to Canadians, so French’s locally-grown ketchup is a perfect pairing. I can’t wait for people to try this condiment-turned-popsicle.”

The startup’s partnership with French’s to create a savoury tomato flavoured popsicle resulted in viral media attention across the country, including stories from CBC, CTV, Food & Wine and more covering the announcement.

Happy Pops received early support from the University of Toronto’s entrepreneurship network, including the Centre for Entrepreneurship accelerator. Keshavjee went on to land a deal with the Dragon’s Den in 2018 and sells her frozen treats at grocery stores across Canada.

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