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Enso Connect

Meet True Blue Founders Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo of Enso Connect. Enso Connect is an automated property management software that allows seamless control of the home by leveraging smart home devices. Designed for existing property managers and Airbnb hosts, Enso Connect gives full control to such customers by automating all of their tedious processes and allowing them to slowly convert their home into a smart one.

Eastbound Comedy Theatre

Meet True Blue Founders Tiegh Fitzgerald and Jazmine Rae Scott of Eastbound Comedy Theatre. As Scarborough’s premiere live comedy company, Eastbound Comedy Theatre provides professional comedy shows, improv training and educational programming for adults, youth and corporate groups.


Meet True Blue Founders Michael Tessier and Alex Lausch of Cohesys. Cohesys uses inspiration from nature to create superior, next generation surgical adhesives. Craniomaxillofacial bone fractures are primarily repaired with rigid metal plates and screws. By using a flexible, degradable tape and adhesive system (BoneTape), they aim to reduce the time and complications typically associated with these procedures, while improving patient outcomes. Their technology may also find use in additional applications including other tissues and drug delivery.

Roll Technologies

Meet True Blue Founder Richard Cao, CEO of Roll Technologies Inc. Roll provides electric scooter sharing services that tackle the “last mile” problem. With the support of U of T’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem, Roll is ready to be a pioneer of safety and innovative transportation in Canada.

Honeybee Hub

Meet True Blue Founders Catherine Chan (CEO) and Weiwei Li (CTO) of Honeybee Hub Inc. Honeybee is a two-sided platform to post and join research studies that need participants. They connect researchers and the community, so everyone can learn, discover, and participate in research.

Join the Honeybee community by posting or participating in a research study on their website.

Phenomic AI

Phenomic AI is developing a ground-breaking phenotypic drug discovery platform that enables exploring interactions between cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment at scale while using AI to automate the analysis of complex image-based screening data. To date, they’ve worked with several large pharmaceutical companies and are pursuing an internal drug discovery program focused on mitigating resistance to current cancer therapies.

Phenomic is seeking investors, engineers and scientists passionate about improving cancer treatment and redefining drug discovery. Visit their website to learn more.

Pliant Power Devices

Meet True Blue Founder Tyler Schon of Pliant Power Devices. Pliant Power Devices is disrupting the battery industry by creating a new class of energy storage with lightweight, safe, and sustainable carbon-based materials.

Circular Toys

Meet True Blue Founder Hani Al-Dajane of Circular Toys. Circular Toys provides subscribers with eco-friendly toy packages every three months. Clients are also given a chance to send used toys back, reducing waste and plastics present in the environment.