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Collision – one of the world’s biggest tech conferences is back in Toronto from June 17-20. This is your opportunity to connect with people and companies redefining the tech industry. Plus:

  • Attend presentations by some of U of T’s top minds in tech
  • Connect with innovative U of T startups
  • Visit the U of T booth for a chance to win a U of T prize pack
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Geoffrey, the award-winning AI innovator, is a U of T professor emeritus and former Vice President and Engineering Fellow at Google. He is the Chief Scientific Advisor and co-creator of U of T’s globally renowned Vector Institute, which empowers researchers, businesses and governments to develop and adopt AI responsibly. Numerous aspiring U of T entrepreneurs have seen startup success with his guidance.  

Today, he is raising public awareness of potential AI risks and dedicating his efforts to finding ways to advance its safety, ensuring a secure future for AI and our society.

Raquel is a world-leading expert in AI. She worked on Uber’s self-driving arm and co-founded U of T’s Vector Institute. Today, Raquel is bringing together top talent from around the globe to bring generative AI into the physical world at Waabi. She is also a professor of computer science at U of T.

Raquel was placed on TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people in AI, and Waabi made the Forbes AI 50 list.

Christian, a U of T alumnus (post-doctoral), has been at the forefront of bringing quantum technology to the world over the past 15 years through his research and leadership. His goal is to harness the power of quantum computing to build better batteries, speed up drug discovery and more.

In 2022, his quantum computer, Borealis, which consisted of lasers, mirrors and over a kilometre of optical fiber, achieved the quantum advantage.

After interning with Geoffrey Hinton, U of T alum Aidan Gomez went on to cofound Cohere, a company with artificial intelligence at its core. Aidan strives to give language to technology with his chatbots, search engines and other AI-driven enterprise products.

In September 2023, TIME named Aidan one of the top 100 most influential people in AI. The accolades don’t end there. Aidan also made Maclean’s 2024 Power List for AI. 

With a strong project management background and a degree in mechanical engineering, Etienne hatched Vention at U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab. The company has expanded rapidly and now helps manufacturing companies at over 4,000 factories spanning five continents design, automate, deploy and operate production floor equipment with ease. 

In 2023, Deloitte named Vention one of Canada’s 50 fastest-growing tech companies, an award earned thanks to their growth, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.