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Event overview

As part of the RBC Innovation Challenge, we will be presenting a series of panels with experts and innovators about trends, opportunities and challenges in specific sectors of the climate tech sphere.

Join us for a virtual panel discussion with subject matter experts, economists, strategists, and technologists about how we can drive policy, sustainable investments and innovation at scale.

The RBC Innovation Challenge is an annual, university-wide competition that invites multi-disciplinary student teams to think big and focus on technology projects with the potential for global impact. The Challenge, supported by University of Toronto Entrepreneurship (UTE), will be open to undergraduate and graduate students from across the university and may identify a different theme each year. The theme for the inaugural RBC Innovation Challenge is Tech for a Greener Future .

Workshop 3: Driving Policy, Sustainable Investments and Innovation at Scale 



Jonathan Arnold 

Research Lead, Clean Growth, Canadian Climate Institute


Sara Alvarado 

Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Finance


Matt Carthy 

Senior ESG Analyst, RBC Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment


Brian Hong 

VP, Sustainable Finance Group, RBC Capital Markets


Al Mussell 

Research Director at Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute

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