Join Hart House and the Multi-Faith Centre for a conversation around AI, spirituality, and the Black experience, with guest panelists Dr. Rhonda McEwen, Suzanne van Geuns, Robyn Hillman-Harrigan, and moderated by Efosa Obano, as we explore the intersections between artificial intelligence, spirituality, and Black experiences.

Increasingly, humans have looked toward artificial intelligence to overcome human limitations, flaws, and build towards a techno utopia. Private and public companies have tapped into these hopeful associations and are actively looking to AI to automate decision-making processes within economic sectors, health, transportation, retail, education, the justice system, and many more.

Faith, spirituality and religion are part of the human experience, and how AI interprets and normalizes these human conditions has huge implications for people of African descent and the BIPOC community at large.

This session we will discuss questions including: Can AI truly solve real-world problems? Does AI make us more human? How will the Black experience be impacted by these algorithms?