Join us on March 7th from 2-4 pm to kick off Entrepreneurship Week with the UTE Startup Prize pitch competition.

The UTE Startup Prize is annual business pitch competition offering $60,000+ in prizes to recognize, reward, and accelerate the University of Toronto’s most innovative startups. As part of U of T Entrepreneurship Week, the competition will take place March 7, 2022 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.



1st Prize: $10,000

2nd Prize: $5,000


1st Prize: $25,000

2nd Prize: $10,000

Lo Family Social Venture Fund***

Impact Award: $10,000

Dongjun Wang Family True Blue Prize

People’s Choice: $3,000

Early-Stage Finalists

  • Arbre

    Arbre is a sustainable sun care brand, offering innovative, inclusive, and functional SPF products. Our debut product is a mineral-based powder dry shampoo with SPF that provides effective sun protection to the scalp for women.

  • Dynamic Memory Solutions Inc.

    HippoCamera is an easy-to-use smartphone-based reminiscence platform that mitigates memory loss, helping users create and review personalized multi-media reminiscence cues. HippoCamera is designed to mimic the hippocampus, a brain region critical to memory, and integrates keystone principles from memory research.

  • Naloomar

    Naloomar uses its novel sensor technology to detect small molecules like drugs and metabolites at massive throughput down to single cells. This enabling technology will revolutionize small molecule detection, which is a critical bottleneck for both healthcare research and diagnostics.

  • SnapWrite AI

    SnapWrite AI is a web application that enables eCommerce businesses to generate product Features and Product descriptions from Images in seconds.


    SPARKED serves individuals with cardiovascular disease (CVD) symptoms, CVD family history, or an interest in their personal health status. We offer a device that fits in your hands and screens for the risk of CVD using a saliva sample. Providing results rapidly and without the need for a traditional laboratory or technical training. By placing health status information in your hands, SPARKED can provide knowledge of silent signals of CVD….

  • Toothpod

    Toothpod is a premium functional chewable aimed at reducing the incidence of cavities by cleaning the teeth and remineralizing the enamel; thanks to its convenient form, it helps users upkeep their health on the go or when traditional oral care methods are unavailable.

Later-Stage Finalists

  • Apollo Sundials

    Apollo Sundials is an e-commerce focused digital manufacturing company that developed proprietary software to make personalized sundials, engineered for your specific address. Anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events are best commemorated with a timeless gift, custom made by Apollo Sundials.

  • Arterial Solutions

    Arterial Solutions is a novel diagnostic company that seeks to introduce the first-ever blood test for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), enabling a timely diagnosis. Subsequently, the quality of life of PAD patients is markedly improved (i.e. reduced PAD-related complications), primary care physicians benefit from an accessible and sensitive test, and healthcare systems benefit from 100 million dollars in cost-savings.

  • HDAX Therapeutics

    HDAX Therapeutics is developing targeted therapeutics with enhanced binding, on-target effects, and exquisite brain penetration properties for the safe and efficacious treatment of HDAC-driven pathologies such as brain cancers and neurodegenerative disorders, allowing us to target the disease at its roots.

  • Hope Pet Food

    HOPE Pet Foods uses science and kindness to make radically better and sustainable pet food with alternative proteins so that all living things can live in harmony with the needs of our planet.

  • TransCrypts

    TransCrypts is automating and simplifying the issuance and verification of official documents/data for organizations. As well as democratizing personal ownership of data, by giving users ownership and access to their own data, and the choice of how and with whom they wish to share that data.


Managing Partner, Real Ventures

Janet Bannister 

Lise Birikundavyi 

Principal & Fund Manager, BKR Capital


Mark Steedman 

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