The University of New Brunswick would like to invite you to compete in the hybrid-format Data Challenge on Nov. 19, 2021. Teams have the flexibility to participate in person at the Wu Conference Centre, or online via MS Teams.

The Data Challenge brings together three competitive events:

1.   Open Data Visualization 
Assess and analyze data related to one of the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and present to an audience to communicate a recommendation, story, or new idea.

2.   Data Analytics
Put your analytical skills to the test and present insights to an audience. Teams must choose one of the five data sets provided (available Oct 3). What insights are you able to discover? How well can you separate the useful information from the “noise”? What outcomes are you able to predict? What are your recommendations?

3.   Data Sprint 
This fun hackathon-style competition will put your data skills to the test in a time-tied scenario. There is little preparation required as the data set will be provided on Nov 18, 2021, one day ahead of the event date.  Can you tackle a data set with speed, accuracy, and creativity?

Open to students and non-students, the Data Challenge is ideal for telling a story with data, meeting leaders in academia, government, and private organizations, and exploring data science.

In addition to insightful panel discussions, networking opportunities, and workshops, there will be nearly $10,000 in cash prizes!

Deadline for Team Registration: Nov 1, 2021