Connect with the University of Toronto’s entrepreneurship community, including startups, accelerators, and ecosystem partners at the True Blue Expo on March 7.

Speak with the founders of over 40 of U of T’s top startups who will be demoing their products and services, looking for partners, customers, investment and talent. U of T’s 12+ campus accelerators and a number of innovation ecosystem community partners will also have a presence.

True Blue Expo will take place as part of True Blue Impact Day on March 7th, in the culmination of U of T Entrepreneurship Week.

Meet the exhibitors

Beau Beauty

Beau Beauty uses AI and AR to transform the beauty tech industry.

Call Fusion

Call Fusion develops realistic AI sales reps capable of autonomously taking calls end-to-end on behalf of any business.


Chatforce uses AI-powered virtual employees to building your own software startup.


SilicoLabs uses an AI and augmented reality analytics platform to create real-world simulations.

Standard Software Inc.

Standard Software develops software for a variety of businesses with an emphasis on universal applicability in software and excellence in technology.


Verinova uses AI and ML to provide insights into organizational data and communications content, enabling organizations to develop workplace strategy policies.

Xatoms AI

Xatoms AI utilizes AI and quantum chemistry to accurately predict 3D models of photocatalytic structures, aiding in cleaning polluted waters across the globe.

Atorvia Health Technologies

Atorvia Health Technologies develops target treatments for organ failure, starting with the kidney.

Blue Ocean Technologies

Blue Ocean Technologies uses digital microfluidics (DMF) solutions to revolutionize blood testing and diagnostic processes.

Cove Neurosciences Inc.

Cove Neurosciences develops a software pipeline designed to derive biomarkers of neurologic diseases in clinical trials.

Creative Medical Solutions

Creative Medical Solutions transforms the uroflowmetry testing and addresses the rising patient load with a medical device designed to elevate patient care and streamline provider efficiency.

Epiloid Biotechnology

Epiloid Biotechnology reforms preclinical drug insights through machine learning approaches of analyzing the activity of 3D-engineered human brain organoids.

Higgzfield Ltd.

Higgzfield uses creative media to support the emotional wellness of children under the age of 12.


Mesosil manufactures antimicrobial and bioactive additives for dental and medical materials.


Mhapy designs AI virtual assistants for therapists to perform mental health assessments, answer questions about a therapist’s practice and connect users with care.

Morphace Skincare Wearables

Morphace Skincare Wearables provides the world’s first data-driven, personalized, and fully automated anti-aging skincare whenever, wherever.

NerveX Neurotechnologies, Inc.

NerveX Neurotechnologies develops a wearable monitoring collar for veterinary healthcare that enables remote monitoring of vital biomarkers for use in out-of-clinic settings.


Neurokin provides a comprehensive self-evaluation tool and personalized self-management guidance that connects users to relevant resources while leveraging AI-powered assessments to understand their unique needs deeply.

Neuropeutics Inc

Neuropeurics is developing disease-modifying treatments to extend neurodegenerative disease patients’ survival and improve their quality of life.

Paradox Immunotherapeutics

Paradox Immunotherapeutics creates immunotherapies for protein-misfolding diseases.


Ruh offers accessible, culturally responsive, and faith-sensitive mental health care.


Synakis aims to replace the natural vitreous in the eye for patients whose retina is detached, to help the eye keep its shape and function properly

The Sapphenix Movement Company

The Sapphenix Movement Company offers wellness programs, that are often student-led, as a beacon of light for individuals, families and communities that are grappling with the challenges of stress and trauma on their mental health.


Toothpod improves global oral hygiene through innovative products requiring no barriers to use.


Agile helps long-term-care homes enhance communication and care for seniors by offering a tailored translation solution that accommodates speech impairments and dialects.


DreamCounsellor increases the employment rates in the autism population through vocational training and inclusive recruitment

Ardra Inc.

Ardra produces natural food ingredients for emerging markets.


Biophyter drives climate action through research and development of natural products using circular design.

Just Vertical

Just Vertical builds furniture that looks stunning and feeds you.

Kiwi Charge

Kiwi Charge accelerates the deployment of EV charging infrastructure by eliminating the cost-prohibitive initial infrastructure costs.

Opal Technologies

Opal Technologies produces sustainable specialty chemicals by upcycling low-value biomaterials.

Spero Analytics

Spero Analytics specializes in crafting advanced IoT solutions tailored for the automated monitoring of large-scale greenhouse gas emissions.


EduTechnoz gamifies Arabic classes and encourages students to love learning Arabic.

Factors Education Inc.

Factors Education builds worksheets using a dialogue driven by AI for K-12 classrooms.


Migoverse provides seamless search through lecture videos, slides, and PDF notes, pinpointing precise information students need, whenever they need it.

PathtoCareer Incorporated

PathtoCareer designs a psychology-assisted and AI-powered EdTech platform which goes beyond traditional career guidance tools by integrating career guides, academic resources, financial literacy and networking opportunities.


ResearchTube introduces an AI-powered process for the distribution of research publications in multimedia format.

Wiz Robotics

Wiz Robotics aims to personalize/differentiate learning starting with Robotics and STEM.

SNÜF Pet Foods

SNÜF Pet Foods creates the next generation of pet food with alternative proteins from insects, algae and fungi.

Motus Studios

Motus Studios designs and manufactures stylish and comfy outfits.

My Dorm Store

My Dorm Store curates dorm shopping solutions made by students, for students.


NORM provides a solution to dry or severe skin conditions caused by environmental exposure


Vidar designs new features for sneakers that help athletes with their lateral footwork to move sideways more efficiently.

CouBon Limited

CouBon aims to address the challenge of soaring restaurant food prices, particularly for budget-conscious university students.

Black Founders Network

Black Founders Network (BFN) supports early-stage Black entrepreneurs.

Centre for Entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship offers entrepreneurship education, co-curricular programs, venture incubation and acceleration.

Creative Destruction Lab

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

The Hatchery

The Hatchery develops entrepreneurial human capital and creates start-up companies through an innovative development process.

Health Innovation Hub

Health Innovation Hub (H2i) supports health-focused ventures from UofT and beyond through mentorship, programming, funding opportunities, and more.


ICUBE focuses on supporting social impact and underrepresented entrepreneurs.


InnovED supports entrepreneurs who are serving education across PK-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Learning & Development.


SpinUp provides highly subsidized lab space and equipment, office spaces, entrepreneurship programming and supports startups in engaging with university trainees and partnering with researchers.


The BRIDGE provides a facility where business, research and innovation converge, delivering extraordinary student experiences through entrepreneurship, research, advanced training programs, and work-integrated learning.


Provides support to University of Toronto entrepreneurs to create research-based companies.

UTSC The Hub

Helps students and recent alumni from all disciplines launch successful ideas in research commercialization, social innovation, and business creation.

Intellectual Property Ontario

Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) provides trusted IP support and services to enable Ontario businesses and researchers to innovate and grow.


Mitacs empowers Canadian innovation through effective partnerships that deliver solutions to our most pressing problems.

Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization

Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO) engages in strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of Ontario’s human health science companies positioning Ontario as a leader in the international marketplace.

Ontario Centre of Innovation

Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) helps Ontario innovators get connected with the researchers, industry partners and funding needed to commercialize the next generation of made-in-Ontario IP and solutions.

Toronto Global

Toronto Global captures investment attractions for the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

Acceleration Consortium

The Acceleration Consortium is a global community of academia, industry, and government accelerating the design, discovery and commercialization of materials and molecules for a sustainable future.

University of Toronto Entrepreneurship

U of T Entrepreneurship (UTE) is a central voice for entrepreneurship across U of T’s three campuses and represents a powerful network of 12+ accelerators.

Climate Positive Energy

The Climate Positive Energy Initiative is U of T’s centre for interdisciplinary clean energy research. Linking science, social science, engineering, economics and policy researchers to transform our energy systems.

Real Estate

U of T Real Estate provides the leasing expertise for the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus.