The Black Wealth Club, in collaboration with the Black Founders Network, is inviting all self-identifying Black founders who want to enhance their networks and access resources and inspiration to build, fund, and scale impactful startups, to participate in a special Black History Month event on February 25th titled “The Power of Community: Breaking Down the Silos in Black Entrepreneurship”. 

At this event, attendees will gain insight into the Black venture-capital ecosystem in Canada and will have the opportunity to expand their network by connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, leaders, investors, and professionals in the startup community who support and believe in the unique and innovative ideas from Black entrepreneurs. 

There will also be a pitch competition, giving founders the chance to present their business ideas to an experienced jury that will choose the most innovative and groundbreaking pitches. Awards and prizes will be available from our partners. 

Panel discussions

  • Clay
  • Black Wealth Club
  • Beam City
  • Sussed
  • Human Squad 
  • Black Founders Network
  • DMZ Black Innovation Programs
  • Black Entrepreneurship Alliance
  • Nobellum
  • NEXT Canada 
  • Black Founders Network
  • Okwera
  • ICON Talent Partners
  • Skills for Change & BWC
  • Immiducation
  • KPMG Canada
  • Making The Move

Funding Programs & Resources
(Grants and Debt) 

Federations of Black Canadians

Black Opportunity Fund

FACE Coalition


Govt of Canada Procurement

TD Black Community

BMO Black Entrepreneurs


Venture Capital
(Equity-based funding)

Rep Matters

Real Ventures

BKR Capital

Black VC Canada

Black Tech Capital

League of Innovators