The Mental Health Awareness session for entrepreneurs will include a 30-minute address by a keynote speaker and a guest speaker who’d provide valuable insights on the importance of mental health and wellness.

This will be followed by an hour of a panel discussion by entrepreneurs who’d address a series of questions to discuss their experiences on managing stress and maintaining work-life balance.

Keynote Speaker: Soroosh Vafapoor, Community Wellness Coordinator Trinity College, Registered Psycotherapist (qualifying) – Soroosh will engage the audience in some activity for relieving stress and provide resources for mental wellness 
Panel speakers: 
1) Harold Wodlinger, Phd– CTO ViTAA medical, And Chair Board of Exact Imaging 
2) Michael Floros, PhD 
CEO & Founder, Cohesys 
3) Wendy Naimark, PhD- CTO, Ripple Therapeutics 

This event is taking place as part of U of T Entrepreneurship Week, but requires a separate registration to attend. Click here to sign up.