Do you need to pitch an idea, present your business to a customer, or give a compelling presentation? Join this session to learn how we can harness the power of storytelling!

This hands-on workshop focuses on the skills of storytelling, and how we can use them to communicate our value to potential clients, customers, and investors. Craft strong content that resonates with your audience for use in marketing materials, or for talking about your ideas in everyday practice. Learn the features of a strong pitch, and prepare for future pitch competitions, funding or investor meetings, and more.

You will leave with:

  • An understanding of narrative structures: why they work, and how to harness them for communication in other settings
  • Tools to build your own business story for use in marketing, pitching and talking about your ideas or business venture
  • Learn the features and expectations for a formal business pitch

Plus: Schedule a follow up one-on-one session to practice your pitch, public speaking, or work on your material with the SFIR in a warm and encouraging environment 

When: October 5, 3:00-4:30 pm EST
Location: Online via Zoom (participants will receive a link prior to session start) 
Instructor: Kasey Dunn, U of T Libraries Student Founder-in-Residence, Sept-Oct 2022

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