Speaker’s Corner: Luki Danukarjanto

From Ideas to Business. Luki Danukarjanto discusses the introductory steps to creating your own startup and launching your idea.

About this event

We are proud to introduce Luki Danukarjanto as our guest for the talk “Ideas to Business.” This talk, which is part of our Speakers’ Corner Series, examines the steps needed to go from ideas to the creation of a successful startup. Luki will be interviewed by The Hub, in a talk-show-style setting, where we will probe Luki about the essential key components needed to launch a successful business.

A bit about Luki:

“A career coach who has found his purpose helping others find theirs.”

  • Chief Career Catalyst and Founder at Focus.Inpsired
  • Lecturer at Centennial College
  • Mentor at The Hub
  • previously Senior Manager at Deloitte
  • UTSC alum, Computer Science