Join us for an intimate fireside chat with UTSC’s Entrepreneur in Residence Elina Chow (BBA 2004) and Executive Coach Matthew Fuller, as they lead a candid exploration of the “F word” in entrepreneurship – failure, not the other one. Elina Chow, founder, and CEO of JotTech and Matthew Fuller, a skilled facilitator, will bring practical, lived experience to the conversation, offering insights to help anyone looking to bounce back from a difficult times.

Embracing Failure: Explore the transformative power of failure and its role in growth.
Redefining the F Word: Delve into what it means when your idea isn’t working and how to navigate the challenges.
Pivoting Strategies: Learn about the option of pivoting and when it becomes a crucial decision.
Difficult Decisions: Gain practical wisdom on making tough decisions in your professional and personal life journey.

Insights from Experts
Uncover the freedom in removing the pressure for perfection and aiming for excellence.
Navigate relationships with self, colleagues, and sponsors, addressing unconscious biases.
Discover wellness strategies for resilience on the entrepreneurial marathon.
Learn to leverage strengths after setbacks and turn them into opportunities for growth.