Praxis IDEATION Challenge Launch

The Praxis Challenge is an IDEATION.CLINIC to help people develop investment-ready commercializable ideas.

About this Event

Do you have an IDEA to improve the lives of people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI)? Do you want help developing one? Do you need some seed funding to get your prototype developed?   Praxis SCI Ideation Challenge is your roadmap to helping you help others living with SCI by developing your next commercializable idea.  Through an active learning curriculum, mentorship, financial milestone awards, and prototyping support, the Praxis SCI Ideation Challenge will help you get your concept ready for investment. Whether you are an individual or part of a team; whether you have a concept or are trying to develop one; whether you are a community member, student, researcher, clinician, or an industry tycoon, if you want to learn how to develop your ideas, the Praxis SCI IDEATION Cahllenge is here to provide:
  • guidance for developing ideas,
  • feedback and mentorship to advance your innovation, and
  • opportunities to engage with potential investors, partners, clients, and key opinion leaders.
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