IP Assets are the foundational building blocks of startups in today’s global economy, and understanding how to grow the value of these assets is critical to startup success. This class was specifically designed to provide tools, models and practical advice on how to manage and grow the value of IP assets as strategic business assets in startups and other early stage ventures. As startups grow into Unicorns (pre-exit valuation of over $1 billion) faster than ever, it is critical to make sure they have the right IP foundation to support their value, enter new markets and achieve a successful exit.  Through a combination of class discussion, case studies, interactive group assignments and analysis of current events, we will explore topics including: 

  • The startup lifecycle and valuation: from funding to exit
  • The intersection of IP valuation and startup valuation
  • Creating an IP portfolio that is aligned with startup valuation growth
  • Using big data analytics and pricing databases in making IP decisions
  • Leveraging IP assets for funding, growth and exit
  • The investor’s perspective on IP value: Debt v. Equity Funding
  • IP valuation considerations in exit: Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Audience: entrepreneurs, VC and corporate venture investors, legal advisors, inventors, transactions lawyers, licensing professionals, university tech transfer, and others involved in creating and commercializing IP in startups or in other corporate/academia early stage situations.