Fennella Bruce, FKB Media will moderate this Inspire session with Data, Marketing, Tech Innovator Hessie Jones.

Hessie Jones, Venture Partner Hessie Jones joined Matr Ventures in 2020 to build deal flow, establish alliances, and scale the advisor network.  Being on the precipice of the digital evolution of data over the last 20+ years, Hessie is a true digital strategist who currently advocates for fair and responsible digital practices and AI readiness. 

Over the last ten years, Hessie has co-founded an encryption company and held various leadership roles among nascent startups supporting social platforms, digital profiling, customer journey AI, video analytics, blockchain and privacy technologies.  Hessie has written about the digital evolution and the players bringing about positive social change in Huffington Post, Forbes and Grit daily.

Hessie and Fennella will discuss her success and challenges of being an entrepreneur, and her innovative career in the Tech & Data space.