Fennella Bruce Interviewing Alon Ozery, author and serial entrepreneur.

About this event

This event is the second of the new Hub series meant to inspire, enlighten and educate participants on how to approach and break down barriers to success as they apply to women, people of colour, and other underrepresented groups in the world of entrepreneurship.

Fennella Bruce will be moderator. She will have a special guest stopping by: author and serial entrepreneur Alon Ozery, who has recently written a book about his life’s journey, “Even the Sidewalk Could Tell: How I Came Out to My Wife, My Three Children, and the World.”

This is a must-attend event for anyone who is interested in issues as they pertain to gay pride and sexual identity. And also for anyone interested in how to approach writing a story about your life’s journey, and where to start.

Also, the event is your opportunity to meet an extraordinary entrepreneur and media producer, Fennella Bruce. Learn more about her extraordinary journey in media and entrepreneurship, from journalist and media creator to producer for CTV News Channel, Your Morning, and Canada AM.

Fennella is the founder of FKB Media Solutions. Her company has helped businesses, startups, professionals, and others develop powerful and successful media strategies.


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