I’m first cause I’m a L-A-D-I-E: Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Female Empowerment in Canada’s Hip Hop and Black Music Industries

In 1989, Hip Hop artist Queen Latifah released her feminist anthem titled “Ladies First” where she detailed the power of women and their ability to take the lead, innovate, and stand in the certainty of their talents and abilities as they carved out their own unique pathways in the world. In a moderated conversation featuring powerhouse women Tinesha Richards-Morris (Manifesto, 925 Agency), Annalie Bonda (The Remix Project, Golly Geng), Tara Chase (solo emcee and member of The Circle) and Keysha Freshh (solo emcee and member of The Sorority), attendees will learn about the role women have and continue to play in Canada’s music and arts landscape, and how they are working to shape the industry’s future while simultaneously transforming its current moment.

Students will have the opportunity to network with key figures in Canada’s music and music business industry; learn how to navigate the barriers inherent in the nation’s music industry as its future entrepreneurs and leaders; and dialogue on the role of gender as it intersects with subjects such as leadership, arts and technology, entrepreneurship, self-management, and the landscape of music business, law and contracts.


Tinesha Richards-Morris is the former managing director of the arts & culture not-for-profit organization Manifesto and currently serves as the director of 925 Agency Inc.

Annalie Bonda is the former executive director of arts training organization The Remix Project and currently serves as label manager for Golly Geng Inc., an independent record label and artist management company.

Keysha Freshh is a solo emcee and member of the all-female Hip Hop crew The Sorority.

Tara Chase is a solo emcee and member of the Hip Hop crew The Circle.