The Health Innovation Hub will be kicking off 2021-22 activity for the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s (TFoM) lead commercialization accelerator with a networking event that features our community, peer mentors, and companies, and short vignettes from the leadership.


4:00 pm: Welcome note by the Director of H2i  

4:05 pm: Opening remarks by Vice Dean Research and Graduate Education, TFoM, Dr. Justin Nodwell, and highlights of significant investments to the Innovation agenda from the Temerty Foundation. 

4:10 pm: Vignette notes by H2i Mentor Dr. Harold Wodlinger, President of Wodlinger Consulting, Chair of Exact Imaging board, and veteran of multiple med-tech company boards. His notes will touch on the transformation of the health start-up community in Toronto, as a result of the emergence of Accelerator Activity. 

4:24 pm: Vignette notes by H2i client company HDAX (Ms. Nabanita Nawar) who will provide us with insights as an emerging H2i-supported health tech company and a female entrepreneur/founder.   

4.38 pm: Introduction of Associate Directors by Paul Santerre. 

4:40 pm: Andris Lauris, PEng (Associate Director of H2i) will provide context on new investor programs emerging from focus group rounds in the Spring-Summer 2021 with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Legal Investment experts, and Early-stage H2i-invested med-tech companies. 

4:50 pm: Dr. Joseph Ferenbok (Associate Director of H2i) to introduce H2i’s new directions on Level 1 and early Level 2 programming with the launch of the Ideation Clinic. 

5:00 pm: Breakout rooms will be set up based on H2i themes, using registration information to enable meeting and engaging in further discussion within H2i’s three theme areas: Software/AI; Intervention drugs/implants; Medical Devices/Diagnostic tools. Rooms will be facilitated by chairs. 

5:25 pm: Closing remarks from Dr. Santerre on the coming year. 

5:30 pm:  Close of Event