Founded in Canada is a Founder Showcase designed to provide pitch feedback and support to Canadian-based female founders in a specific industry or technology area.

Canadian Women’s Network is bringing you our Founded in Canada, BIPOC Edition for women founders from racially diverse backgrounds.

They invite startups to apply for the opportunity to present their company to select investors and industry experts who will provide feedback on their presentation, as well as on their business model and strategies.

Startups selected will work with the CWN and our partners to polish their pitch and presentation ahead of the feedback sessions.

Several startups will present in a small group format to two global BIPOC investors. 

Following each presentation, the investors will provide feedback, ask clarifying questions, and provide additional recommendations to help the founder position their businesses.

Each founder will be paired with two groups of investors.

The deadline to apply is October 17, 2022.

Learn more or apply here.

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