Fireside Chat: Hamza Khan

The Importance of Resilience

The Hub is proud to bring Hamza Khan back for a return visit.

Some of you will know him as the author of The Burnout Gamble, which is about stress and burnout for startups, pre-COVID. There is a chapter he has on dealing with stress; he is an exceptional writer. Indeed, if you are looking for reading materials that touch on how to stay on track during times such as these, Hamza’s book is a great choice. Some of you may know him as the speaker at the 2019 UTSC Convocation Address “Talk Yourself Into It”.

Hamza is inspirational, perceptive, and engaging.

A bit about Hamza:

  • Colleague to The Hub and UTSC ambassador
  • Professional speaker
  • Published author
  • Multi-award-winning marketer
  • Lecturer at Ryerson University
  • UTSC grad 2010, English
  • Rotman grad, 2008, Business
  • Mentor