Shark Tank is a very popular show where ambitious individuals take a chance to pitch their ideas to top investors. Likewise the Entrepreneurship Association replicates that same format for students who need a platform for their ideas to be heard. There would be 3-6 judges with entrepreneurial experience who would judge and critique your business/idea/startup. They would ask questions and dig very deep into the roots of your ideas and into you as a person.


They are 3 prizes given to the individuals or teams with the best ideas/business/startup. The 1st place is given a prize of $1000 that they must put into business/idea/startup. The 2nd place is given $500 that also must be deposited into the business/idea/startup. 3rd place is given $250 that must be deposited into the idea/business/startup. The ideas you present can be either brand new or existing.


Free-entry for spectators, in-person and online. They are welcome to observe and give support to the people who are presenting their ideas.


Judges will be announced closer to the date of the event on our Instagram page eautsc