Join us on May 6th! Drop in to Canada’s biggest undergrad conference and hear from various industry leaders, participate in workshops, build your resume, and more!

​At CUTC, we’re amped to help students find their niche in a growing sea of opportunities. We’re building an experience for everyone interested in tech, including high school students, undergrads – even if you’ve never written a line of code!

​This year:

  • We’ve built something new called the CUTC Showcase – an event to celebrate students’ side projects & budding startups. During the conference, we give young builders a space to present passion projects to other attendees, seasoned mentors, startup incubators, and early-stage VCs. Learn more and apply with your project here.
  • ​Hear talks from CEOs, founders, recruiters, engineers, product managers, scientists, and more
  • ​Challenges, workshops, and fun activities during the day!