Panel 1: BIPOC Founder resources

​Join Entrepreneur Support Organizations such as Black Founders Network, DMZ and Black Entrepreneurship Alliance in a discussion on resources and strategies for Black founders raising capital in 2024. Walk away with tactical and actionable insights on what strategies are working, resources founders can access, and how organizations can help tackle this gap together. 


  • ​Moderator: Abdel Ali, Director at BLCK VC Canada, Founder of Kiwi Charge
  • ​Efosa Obano, Founder and Manager of Black Founders Network
  • ​Olu Villasa, Manager, Black Entrepreneurship Alliance
  • ​Yinka Adesesan, Program lead at DMZ

Panel 2: Addressing the Funding Gap

​Hear from VCs on how they are taking action to address the funding gap, including initiatives they are putting in place to get more diverse capital allocators, and the benefits of maintaining and actively investing in a diverse portfolio of founders. 


  • ​Moderator: David Uponi, Associate at Forum Ventures 
  • ​Meryl Almeida, Corporate Development at Inovia Capital
  • ​Lise Birikundavyi, Managing Partner, BKR Capital 
  • ​Dinar Ahmed, Partner, Seed VC Investments at BDC Capital