You are invited to the BCIC biomedical pitch competition!

Boston Chinese Investment Club (BCIC), ShangHai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park, Yael Capital, Massachusetts Avenue Capital, Q Bay Center, and Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association-Washington DC/Baltimore Chapter(SAPA-DC) will be cohosting the Biomedical Pitch Competition to connect high-quality early-stage biomedical start-ups with investors and other business accelerator resources.

Why should you join?

  • Top three winning startup teams will get $17,000 cash award and $20,000 rental credits from our partnership incubators across multiple cities in the United States and China, including Boston, Bay area, Shanghai, Beijing and more;
  • $1 million and more direct equity investment from well-known venture capitalists (dozens of angel/VC funds will attend the final competition)
  • Mentorship from venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and attorneys;
  • Media exposure through the websites, Wechats, and other channels in cohosters’ network;
  • Discounted services on incubator, startup Bootcamp, and financials;
  • Opportunities to partner with Asia market influencers and penetrate into Asia markets;

Startup Requirements

  • Comply with the relevant laws, regulations and policies of China and the United States, and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of others. Individuals, teams and companies participating in the competition shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the registration information;
  • The ideas or products submitted are innovative and original, and have certain social and market value;
  • Under biomedical industry or sub-industries;
  • Specify the individual, company or team when registering for the competition;
  • There is no nationality restriction on participants. Any entities looking for Chinese-funded or US-funded can participate.

All applications are welcome to register before February 28th, 2022.