Sir James Dyson is on the hunt for budding inventors to help tackle some of the world’s leading problems. Through the application of engineering, sustainable design, and science, young inventors can submit an invention to the James Dyson Award and enter for a chance to win up to $45,000. The James Dyson Award is an annual engineering and sustainability competition which is ran by Dyson’s charity, the James Dyson Foundation, which is open to entrepreneurial undergraduates and recent graduates.

Since 2005, the competition has awarded over 390 inventions with prize money and over 70% of our past winners have commercialized their winning inventions. In this time, we’ve seen solutions to a multitude of pressing problems, such as plastic recycling, the biodegradability of materials, as well as bettering at-home medical diagnostics.

The first of three stages of the competition will be announced in September, where our National Winners will be selected with a chance to win $6,000.