Application Deadline: Hatchery NEST 2021

Established in 2012, the Hatchery NEST is U of T engineering-based process, with more than 94 startups launched since its creation. Hatchery NEST-born products and services include robotic exoskeletons to help provide physiotherapy to children with disabilities, A.I. driven antibody search services to help researchers, and the reinvention of the Allan hex key. One of the NEST’s most recent successes is Kepler Communications, which raised more than $20MM in seed funding for its network of low-cost telecommunication cube satellites and recently launched its first model. But the Hatchery NEST is not just a place to develop startups – it is an experiential learning opportunity that instills and nurtures the entrepreneurial mindset in all U of T students and faculty. In the Hatchery’s unique environment, students experience the successes and failures of the entrepreneurial journey within a challenging yet supportive setting. Co-founders are encouraged to embrace and overcome risk as a vital element of their journey, creating not only successful entrepreneurs, but also the next generation of leaders as means of societal change. Application Deadline: January 31, 2021.