I. About the Competition

China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a global event for college students engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide to compete and exchange with each other, and explore innovative ways of cooperation to deal with global crises and drive sustainable development of humanity. It has been held for seven sessions since 2015. Over 15 millions of college students from all over the world participated the Competition. It has not only become an important vehicle and platform for the reform of education on innovation and entrepreneurship, but also a global event for college students worldwide to pursue dreams in innovation and entrepreneurship.

II. Requirements for Projects Entered

1. The projects entered shall apply new-generation information technology such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, next-generation communication technology, and block chain to economic and social fields to serve the construction of new infrastructure, and develop new products, services, business types, and models; bring into play the role of the Internet in driving industrial upgrading as well as the integration of informatization and industrialization; promote the transformation and upgrading of industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and environmental protection; leverage the role of the Internet in social services, innovate network service models, and promote the integration of the Internet with education, medical care, transport, finance, and consumption for living. 

2. Entrants shall provide a business plan in PowerPoint format and can also choose whether to provide a business plan in Word format or a 1-minute video as a supplement. To facilitate the review, please convert your business plan to PDF format before uploading.

3. In principle, all entry materials and on-site defense should be in Chinese or English.

III. How to Participate

This Competition only accepts team entries formed from one or more colleges, and all entrants must enter in teams of 2 to 15 people (team leader included).

All entrants can be students who are currently enrolled at a college or those who have graduated within 5 years. The application should be submitted by the team leader. The participating college refers to the college which the team leader is currently enrolled at or has graduated from. 

All projects entered will be divided into Creativity Category and Project Category according to their business start-up stages and features. Requirements for each category are as follows: 

1. Creativity Category. Projects entered shall: 

1) be creative; 

2) have mature product prototypes or service models; 

3) have not completed business registration and other types of registration on or before 8th April 2022. 

2. Entrepreneur Category. Projects entered shall: 

   have completed business registration or other types of registration.

IV. Competition Rules 

All projects entered will be subject to multiple rounds of online evaluation, the last of which will be the final on-site competition. A total of 500 entries will be selected for online evaluation at the finals, 150 of which will be shortlisted for the on-site finals, 50 of which will receive the Gold Award, and the remaining 100 projects will receive the Silver Award. The remaining 350 projects that fail to enter the on-site finals will receive the Bronze Award. 

The organizing committee will present the winners with award certificates and assist them in finding investment and incubators. It will also present the International Project Organization Award for the winner’s university based.

If the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control and international flights are back to normal, the organizing committee will cover for 1-2 members from each of the finalist teams the travel expenses (round-trip and economy class only) and the local accommodation and transportation expenses during the competition period. If on-site competition is not possible, evaluation of defense in the finals will be held online.

VI. Contact Us

There is no fee required for this competition. The smallest team is 2 people, and both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible.

Students who are interested can download and fill in the Competition Application Form and send it with the business plan to ico@nuaa.edu.cn before 27th May 2022. If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to contact us through the email.