Join the Centre for International Experience in conversation with U of T alumnus, Imre Gams (BA 2012 UTM), Investment Manager at Artemia LLC and Entrepreneur. Imre will share experiences from his own international career journey spanning a range of industries and markets. From working in tech, to becoming an entrepreneur, to finding his passion for global financial markets as a professional trader and performance coach, Imre will offer his insights and perspectives for navigating and thriving in diverse industries and careers.

Food and drinks will be provided.

About Imre

Imre Gams is an entrepreneur and professional trader. After graduating from U of T in 2012, Imre worked at Apple in several leadership roles. In 2015, he left Apple to pursue his own entrepreneurial ventures. After a period of trial and error, Imre found his calling working in financial markets. Today, Imre is a leading expert in behavioural finance and market psychology. Within the trading world, Imre is known as a highly effective performance coach and for his specialized expertise in technical analysis, with an emphasis on Elliott’s Wave Principle. He has traded substantial portfolios in the eight and nine-figure ranges.

Imre studied History, Philosophy and English at U of T Mississauga and graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts.