From November 15 to 17 we invite you to join the U of T Career Exploration and Education department as we celebrate National Entrepreneurial Month.  As with our continued goal of amplifying the career stories and lived experiences of our equity deserving Alumni, this month we’ll be putting a spotlight on BIPOC entrepreneurialism.

Efosa started and manages the Black Founders Network, which supports Black entrepreneurs with capital, community and capacity building. He also started and leads the African Impact Initiative, which invests in early African innovators. He has experience with using technology to create social impact, invest with impact, and build early-stage ventures. He has been recognized by the UN and the Ontario Minister’s Award of Excellence for this work.

Prior to this, he led a team that guided start-ups on their digital transformation journeys with Dell Technologies Canada. He also led community outreach for Dell Canada’s Social Impact Team & Black Networking Alliance. He received Dell’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award for this work.

He is a Strategic Management Specialist alumni from University of Toronto Scarborough.