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Through BFN’s Black Career Advancement Program, we are financially supporting up to 70 Black-led startups through hiring grants to hire Black youths.

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Afrobeats Snacks

Hiring For: Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Afrobeats Snacks is dedicated to tantalizing taste buds with a vibrant array of flavours inspired by the rich culinary tapestry of Africa and the diaspora. With an unwavering commitment to quality, this passionate team seamlessly blends diverse influences to create snacks that take you on a delectable journey through the heart of these cultures. Each bite reflects not just a commitment to exceptional taste but also a celebration of the diversity that makes the Afrobeats Snacks experience truly unique. Join us as we explore the delicious harmony of tradition and innovation, delivering an authentic taste of Africa and the diaspora in every mouthwatering creation.

Afrobeats Central

Hiring For: Associate Business Development Manager

Afrobeats Central stands as the premier destination for the global promotion and exhibition of African musical talent. Through meticulously crafted digital marketing campaigns on social media and streaming platforms, strategic playlist placements, targeted PR efforts in regions such as West Africa and Canada, and the coordination of live-streamed Afrobeats and African music events in collaboration with partner organizations, Afrobeats Centra empowers both emerging and established artists to establish meaningful connections with their audiences. The platform’s overarching goal is to foster discovery and acclaim in an ever-expanding international music landscape, actively contributing to the elevation of African music on a global scale. Enthusiasts and artists alike are invited to partake in the celebration and amplification of the diverse and dynamic sounds of Africa.

Black Health Education Collaborative (BHEC)

Hiring For: Research Assistant

The Black Health Education Collaborative (BHEC) is a pioneering community of scholars and practitioners committed to improving Black health through education and research in Canada. BHEC’s mission is to address anti-Black racism and interconnected systems affecting Black communities, transforming medical and health professional education to enhance the well-being of Black people. As the first initiative of its kind in Canada, BHEC provides nationwide educational resources, including a Black Health Primer, national Black Health Competencies, and Continuing Professional Development. Informed by the rich histories of resistance and scholarship in Black, critical race theory, queer, feminist, and anti/decolonial movements, BHEC engages in meaningful dialogue with Black communities, addressing health disparities by examining environmental racism, educational inequities, income disparities, criminalization, and policing practices.

Campus Thrift

Hiring For: Project Coordinator

Campus Thrift, a dynamic social enterprise, operates two sustainable fashion solutions catering to a diverse range of individuals. The online thrift store and in-person clothing swap events offered by Campus Thrift provide accessible and convenient options for people in Toronto and across Canada. The mission of promoting sustainable fashion is guided by three pillars: sustainability, affordability, and quality. Campus Thrift aims to facilitate the diversion of 881 lbs of clothes from landfills through reuse by the end of 2023.


Hiring For: Youth Outreach Coordinator

Change 4 Thought is an educational company dedicated to enriching curriculum within school boards through expanded learning programs. With a focus on topics such as inclusivity, racism, diversity, and empowering children to make positive changes in the world, Change 4 Thought provides a range of educational resources. These include expanded learning workbooks, workshops, and online e-learning programs designed to foster a deeper understanding of important social issues and promote positive societal change.

Culture Matters Foundation (CMF)

Hiring For: Administrative Assistant

Culture Matters Foundation (CMF) is a recently established not-for-profit organization with a mission to celebrate diversity and enhance cultural awareness in Hamilton, Ontario. Dedicated to educating, entertaining, and broadening the cultural horizons of all Hamiltonians, CMF utilizes fashion, performing arts, and various cultural forms like storytelling and visual arts. Positioned as a Black-led and woman-led entity, CMF actively promotes Black and Afro-Caribbean culture while creating opportunities for Black youth to explore non-stereotypical cultural experiences. The foundation offers free access for Black youth to live theatre productions such as ballets, plays, and musicals, and organizes themed installations during Black History Month, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

Digimillennials Media Companies Inc.

Hiring For: Social Media Intern; Graphic Design Intern

Digimillennials stands as a digital media platform on a mission to celebrate, amplify, and connect the voices of the African diaspora in Canada. With a core focus on cultural enrichment, unity, and providing a platform for diverse perspectives, Digimillennials endeavors to decrease inequities, increase opportunities, and enhance the well-being of Black, Indigenous, and racialized community members. Notable initiatives include the Afrovibes Festival, a groundbreaking event in southwestern Ontario attracting diverse audiences to celebrate African culture, music, and art, as well as “Afronights with Digimillennials” on Midtown Radio, amplifying African culture through discussions, music, and interviews. Services offered encompass organizing flagship events, producing digital content reflecting the rich tapestry of African culture, and fostering cross-cultural dialogue. Digimillennials is committed to making a meaningful impact in the Canadian cultural landscape.

Dr. O. Nnorom Medicine Professional Corporation

Hiring For: Program Coordinator

Dr. Onye Nnorom is a renowned physician, public health expert, and advocate, serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Born in Montreal to Nigerian and Trinidadian parents, she is deeply committed to addressing health disparities, particularly in Black populations. With expertise in the intersection of race and health, Dr. Nnorom has championed equitable healthcare practices and policies throughout her career. She led impactful initiatives at TAIBU Community Health Centre, focusing on cancer screening and Afrocentric approaches for Black women’s health. As the former Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead at the University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, she coordinated COVID-19 vaccine clinics for the Black Physicians’ Association of Ontario. Dr. Nnorom hosts the podcast “Race, Health and Happiness,” interviews successful individuals of color, and co-founded the Black Health Education Collaborative. Recognized for her dedication to equity, she is a mother, dancer, and past president of the Black Physicians’ Association of Ontario.

First Step Mediation

Hiring For: Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

First-Step Mediation operates as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice, providing mediation and conflict management services with a focus on fostering peaceful conflict resolution. The organization is dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing conflict in various settings, including personal, workplace, or community environments. Through its mediation services, First-Step Mediation aims to facilitate amicable resolutions and contribute to harmonious relationships for those navigating disputes.


Hiring For: Junior Content Writer

JupiterHR is a company that champions the significance of enjoying one’s workplace. With a mission to empower professionals, especially within the Black tech community, in securing their dream jobs, JupiterHR provides a suite of services such as CV writing, interview preparation, and career consulting. Specializing in the tech industry, the company is dedicated to devising strategies that enhance the representation of Black applicants in tech roles, fostering diversity and inclusivity within the workforce. Operating as a trusted talent brand, JupiterHR advocates for its clients, aiding them in recognizing and realizing their professional value.


Hiring For: Story Telling Coach

LyfeFund is on a mission to remove barriers hindering the financial goals of high-earning yet not affluent immigrant families. Recognizing that achieving financial objectives is a collective effort, the organization believes in creating a support network for financing a child’s education. LyfeFund is dedicated to providing immigrant families with the necessary tools to save, invest, and grow their wealth, thereby empowering them to overcome financial challenges and build a secure future for their loved ones.

Magnify Access

Hiring For: WCAG Web Specialist (AODA)

Magnify Access is dedicated to revolutionizing workplace accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Through innovative digital solutions, including the cloud-based platform W-PAS, the organization simplifies the accommodation process, streamlining HR operations and fostering more inclusive workplaces. With a vision to empower individuals with disabilities, Magnify Access seeks to assist organizations in tapping into the untapped talent pool, enhancing productivity through meaningful accommodations, and contributing to the creation of more diverse and inclusive work environments.

Med Melanin

Hiring For: UX/UI Intern

Med Melanin is a pioneering digital health platform committed to tackling the urgent issue of misdiagnosis and negative health consults, particularly affecting women of color (WOC). Given that women are 30 times more likely to experience misdiagnosis than men, with a significantly higher risk for women of color, Med Melanin is dedicated to creating a supportive environment. The platform offers community engagement, advocacy programming, and access to culturally relevant physicians. In response to the pressing need for immediate solutions, Med Melanin focuses on empowering women of color in their healthcare journey through tools available today. The platform is actively building four essential features, including a community forum, a symptom tracking tool, a physician directory, and an advocacy training tool, addressing current challenges head-on to give WOC greater control over their health outcomes.

Med Include

Hiring For: Marketing Officer

MedInclude is a web and app-based platform designed to enhance health equity for newcomers in Kitchener, specifically catering to those who do not speak English as their first language. The platform employs AI to transcribe medical information into simple terms (grade 5 and below) and translates it into multiple languages, facilitating better understanding for individuals such as economic immigrants, government-assisted refugees, asylum seekers, and others. By eliminating medical jargon and providing information in their mother tongue, MedInclude empowers users to access health information more effectively. Collaborating with healthcare institutions like KidsAbility, Centre for Family Medicine, Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre, and PharmaShoppe, the platform offers translation and transcription services. MedInclude aims to expand its partnerships, increase support for English-as-a-second-language (ESL) patients, and collaborates with the Advanced Interface Design Lab at the University of Waterloo’s Health Department to research how its platform can positively impact patient health.


Hiring For: Administrative Assistant

Multi-Nationals is a specialized firm offering business immigration, recruitment, and expansion services to companies, investors, and entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in new markets. With a focus on facilitating ventures in Portugal, the USA, Mexico, and Canada, we provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition and successful establishment for our clients.


Hiring For: MVP Development Specialist

Multivent is a dynamic event management platform committed to simplifying the collaboration between event planners and vendors. With a mission to streamline the event planning process, Multivent connects planners with the most suitable vendors through a centralized platform. Services offered include a vendor vetting process, staffing solutions, and an efficient communication platform. The goal is to create seamless and impactful event experiences while promoting inclusivity and community support.

Quick Market

Hiring For: Full Stack Developer

Quick Market stands as the pioneering ethnic and cultural food and grocery delivery company in Canada, serving over 4,000 customers in the National Capital Region since March 2021. Founded on the personal experience of its creator missing home country food and groceries upon arriving in Canada, Quick Market aims to bridge this gap. The platform connects ethnic community-owned restaurants and grocery stores with customers, making these unique offerings accessible. With over $150,000 in revenue and 45+ registered businesses, Quick Market expanded its reach through a website and recently launched an app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The platform charges a 15% service fee to both restaurants/groceries and customers, along with a distance-dependent delivery fee starting from $6.99. Additionally, Quick Market provides business-to-business services, collaborating with 10 wholesalers and food factories, including exclusive partnerships with Grey Matlock Bakery, Taltis Foods, AMR Cash and Carry, Mandey International Foods, and Taste of Africa.

Racialized Students in Healthcare (RSIH)

Hiring For: Youth Education Program Coordinator

The Racialized Students is a registered non-profit organization established in 2020 to serve as a valuable resource for Black and racialized students. Committed to providing meaningful research training and networking opportunities, the organization aims to support students throughout their academic and career journeys. Through mentorship, research initiatives, and employment training opportunities, The Racialized Students seeks to increase representation in interdisciplinary health sectors and enhance employment rates among Black youth through career advancement training. The organization envisions a safer and inclusive Toronto where all residents, especially those from Black and racialized communities, can access services and employment free from racism and discrimination.


Hiring For: UI/UX Designer

Schooliply is revolutionizing the international student recruitment process for universities and colleges worldwide. Having established direct partnerships with 65 institutions across the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, Singapore, Grenada, Malta, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, Schooliply offers a streamlined platform for students to explore over 5,000 postgraduate and undergraduate academic programs. This enables international students to seamlessly apply to programs and institutions of their choice in various countries, simplifying the recruitment process for both students and educational institutions.


Hiring For: Associate Manager, Growth

SkillHat is a catalyst for launching motivated professionals into their dream tech careers. The platform achieves this by offering a multifaceted approach, combining e-learning, hands-on product development, staffing services, and coaching. With a commitment to empowering individuals in the tech industry, SkillHat provides the resources and support needed to propel professionals toward successful and fulfilling careers.

The African Women Institute of Leadership and Learning (AWILL)

Hiring For: Fundraising and Marketing Manager

The African Women Institute of Leadership and Learning (AWILL), a dynamic organization and a chapter under ZAMWILL, is dedicated to uplifting African women through education, skill development, and leadership training. Grounded in the principles of Ubuntu and African Indigenous Knowledge, AWILL extends its commitment to BIPOC communities and newcomers in Canada. Their mission includes providing accessible, high-quality education tailored to unique challenges, empowering women through Ubuntu ethos, and advocating for diversity and inclusion. AWILL offers leadership training, entrepreneurial development, digital literacy programs, culturally relevant curriculum development, scholarships, networking, research, and diversity training. Through these initiatives, AWILL aims to empower African women and foster an inclusive society where diversity is celebrated, extending its impact to BIPOC communities and newcomers in Canada.

Sapphenix Movement

Hiring For: Marketing Coordinator; Workshop Facilitator

The Sapphenix Movement Company operates as a movement company dedicated to mental health, utilizing dance and mindful movement sessions to destress, engage, and enhance mental well-being. Their mission is to empower individuals through healthy and creative wellness practices that address trauma while alleviating stress and burnout. The company serves a diverse clientele, including students at academic institutions and corporate staff, offering movement services such as classes, workshops, and events. Catering to individuals on their journey to happiness, The Sapphenix Movement Company focuses on building meaningful connections with oneself and others. Their primary movement services encompass dance styles like Ballroom, Afro-Caribbean, and Liturgical movement, along with mobility practices including stretching based on yoga, Pilates, and barre techniques.

The Wright Success

Hiring For: Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

The Wright Success is a platform that simplifies the learning of Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 for individuals of all ages. Through straightforward and relatable educational courses, resources, and workbooks, they make these complex topics accessible. Currently, The Wright Success has over 350 students globally, engaging them through a 7-week academy program designed for beginners. Additionally, the platform offers two educational workbooks, one tailored for youth, containing over 30 strategies on crypto, NFTs, and a suite of online self-paced courses. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners can easily grasp and navigate the intricacies of Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3.


Hiring For: Marketing Associate

In the face of the global hide market decline, Canadian beef producers are grappling with reduced value for this plentiful resource, leading to significant annual expenditures on disposal and contributing to over 3.6 tons of emissions. Tileyi, a groundbreaking circular Agtech startup based in Ontario, is actively addressing this challenge by developing innovative technology and processes to upcycle unwanted by-products from beef processing into edible meat products. Their flagship product, Ponmo, is an edible hide meat that holds popularity in African, Asian, and Caribbean recipes. Tileyi aims to revolutionize the industry by creating sustainable solutions that not only reduce waste but also offer a unique and culturally diverse culinary experience for consumers.

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