Announcing the BFN Accelerate 2024 startups!

Through a competitive selection process, 11 early-stage Black-led startups from the BFN community were chosen
to participate in the 2024 BFN Accelerate Program.

Join us at the BFN Summer Showcase on June 6th to meet the startup teams in person and learn more about their ventures.

Register here.


Founder: Doyin Amao

Afijjio bridges the gap for Canadians seeking unique, African-made clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle products. They offer a curated selection from diverse African artisans, addressing the lack of representation and accessibility in the Canadian market. This platform fosters cultural exchange and empowers both consumers and artisans.


Founder: Jonathon Bloomfield

Edventive tackles teacher burnout by offering a software solution for educators in Canada and the USA. It automates administrative tasks like grading and reports, freeing up teachers’ time and reducing stress. This combats the growing teacher shortage crisis that harms students’ learning and school districts’ ability to retain staff.


Founder: Derrick Raphael

eKNOX Corporation uses AI to create a personalized learning platform with AI tutors and videos. This platform helps people of all ages and backgrounds learn by overcoming language barriers and making education more accessible. They aim to be a leader in AI education and transform how people learn.

Flip Academy

Founder: Andre Smith

Flip Academy aims to close the financial literacy gap by educating children aged 8-14. The gamified platform uses animation, simulations, and a unique currency system to teach kids money management and responsible credit use. This combats the issue of student debt and financial stress plaguing young Canadians, aiming to break the cycle by fostering financial responsibility from a young age.

Kare Chemical Technologies

Founder: Kareem Abdur-Rashid

Kare tackles cannabis production for medicine with a greener solution. Their method creates pure cannabinoids synthetically, eliminating the need for energy-guzzling greenhouses and waste. This eco-friendly approach yields consistent, high-purity cannabinoids for medical products and research, solving the issue of unreliable quality in the current market.

Kiwi Charge

Founders: Abdel Ali

Kiwi Charge tackles EV charging challenges in buildings. Their portable chargers eliminate expensive building upgrades and offer convenient overnight charging for EV owners in apartments or condos. They plan for self-driving charging robots in the future. This benefits everyone: residents gain a hassle-free charging option, building owners attract tenants without high costs, car companies reach a new market, and utility companies see reduced grid strain.

Med Melanin

Founder: Yvonna Osagie

Med Melanin targets the healthcare disparities faced by women of color (WOC) in North America. With a two-sided digital platform, Med Melanin empowers WOC patients with self-advocacy tools and connect them with quality resources. For healthcare providers, the platform aims to reduce misdiagnosis risks during brief consultations.


Co-founders: Malik Pottinger and Sydnie Pottinger

MOTUS is providing a bridge between high fashion and affordable fast fashion. Affordable, comfortable & high quality fashion wear for students, ages 14-25 who are interested in dressing well and expanding their style.


Founder: Chukwunonso Nwabufo

OneDrug is tackling bad drug reactions with a quick (20 minute) in-office test. This point-of-care device helps doctors personalize treatment based on a patient’s genes, reducing side effects and saving healthcare costs. OneDrug positions Canada as a leader in personalized medicine with this innovation.

Oneness Education Foundation

Co-founders: Osezua Momoh and Maryam Musa

Oneness Education Foundation (OEF) bridges the gap between skilled immigrant healthcare professionals and Canada’s healthcare system. They tackle the challenges ITHPs face, like unrecognized credentials and job market hurdles, to unlock their potential and improve the healthcare system for everyone. Their focus is on ITHPs (both permanent and temporary residents) and aims to create a smoother integration process for them.


Founder: Merveille Mukoko and Joëlle Kapinga

Yekola teaches Africa’s under-represented languages to the diaspora. The app prioritizes spoken fluency with live classes and AI feedback. Users connect and create content, building a language-learning community. Yekola target African immigrants and descendants seeking to connect with their heritage

Meet the startups at our BFN Demo Day on October 20th.