UTSC’s Sustainability Initiatives: 2020 and Beyond (Adams Sustainability Celebration)

The University of Toronto’s Scarborough (UTSC) campus has a long history and commitment to issues related to the environment, as well as social equity and inclusion, and this is now at the forefront of our priorities as a campus as part of our recently released Strategic Plan.

In the spring of 2019, eight working groups of students, staff, and faculty consulted with more than 1,100 people from inside and outside our campus, reviewed extensive data and other documents, discussed and debated ideas and ultimately, presented their findings. Through this inclusive process, we made a commitment to champion sustainable livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystems of local and global relevance and resonance in a manner that gives pride of place to Indigenous initiatives and expresses our collective values of equity, diversity, inclusion and accountable stewardship.

In developing our Strategic Plan, it became evident that ‘sustainability’ was the focus of numerous and diverse individuals and groups across the campus. To capture this diversity, we are currently creating an inventory and mapof activities, programs, research, and academic networks as a basis for all future initiatives and programs at the campus. We are building on our legacy, while looking to the future.

During this session, the panelists will connect-the-dots between what is envisioned for the campus in our Strategic Plan, and what our mapping exercise has revealed, including any feedback we may receive from our community.

This event is part of the Adams Sustainability Celebration.


Application Deadline: Hatchery Pitch-A-Thon

Do you think you have the next $10B Idea? Do you want to test drive it with Y Combinator and Hatchery founders?

The Pitch-A-Thon is the place to be!

During the month of January 2021, you will be guided by Hatchery mentors to craft your 60-second pitch.

Application Deadline: December 11, 2020.

CO(VID): Networking in the Time of COVID

COVID-19 has reduced the potential for serendipitous collisions, happy accidents, and back-of-the-envelope innovations. TRP is providing a virtual networking opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas, develop new initiatives, and seek expertise outside of your established circles. If you are a clinician looking for interdisciplinary collaborators, a translational mentor working on new projects, researchers looking for clinical partnerships, or students looking for collaborators, this event is for you!

This event will give you an opportunity to:

  • Meet new interdisciplinary collaborators
  • Explore and brainstorm new projects and initiatives
  • To find talented mentees and mentors
  • Meet strategic key opinion leaders

Investing to Address Climate Change: In Conversation with President Gertler (Adams Sustainability Celebration)

Earlier this year, the University of Toronto and more than a dozen Canadian universities signed a landmark charter that aims to tackle climate change through a commitment to responsible investing practices. U of T and McGill University initiated the charter, and more than a dozen other universities have joined the effort. It calls on universities to, among other things: incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment practices; regularly measure the carbon footprints of investment portfolios and set meaningful targets to reduce them over time; and engage with companies to encourage them to reduce emissions.

Joining forces with other universities to address climate change through the charter is just the latest in a series of steps taken by U of T since the release of President Gertler’s 14-point plan to take action on climate change in 2016.

This event is part of the Adams Sustainability Celebration.

Application Deadline: 2021 Big Data & AI Case Competition

The combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way we think, work, and live. New career opportunities are emerging and traditional ones are being transformed or eliminated. As Graduate students at one of the top universities in the world it is important to stay on top of current and emerging trends, to pursue continual personal development, and to have some fun in the process. This event is designed to achieve all three. Sponsored by the BIGDataAIHUB at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), this competition is being held in collaboration with Scotiabank, STEMFellowship and ICUBE.

The 2021 IMI Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Case Competition for U of T Graduate Students is a multi-faceted competition that is open to Graduate students from any academic discipline, in any year of her or his graduate academic career at the University of Toronto. Some level of prior experience in working with big data / artificial intelligence is required.

The event is designed as a developmental opportunity for students. If selected to compete, they will gain additional hands-on exposure to big data and artificial intelligence as well as an opportunity to practice their formal presentation skills in a safe, fun and collegial, yet competitive, environment.

Application Deadline: November 22, 2020.

Application Deadline: H2i’s 2020 Pitch Perfect Competition

The Pitch Perfect Competition  is a Faculty of Medicine and Health Innovation Hub initiative to celebrate and support student innovations on Health Matters.  Applications will be evaluated and six student project proposals will be selected to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas for three Student Innovation Fellowships of $5,000 each to help develop your idea.

More information in the link below.

Application Deadline: November 18th, 2020.

IP Matters: Know Your Rights

Celebrating the Launch of U of T’s IP Education Course

Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical driver of the global innovation economy. In 2019, the Ontario government convened an expert panel on IP, stressing the need to protect and secure intellectual property for Canada’s national economic competitiveness. Now more than ever, protecting and leveraging IP is becoming key to success for companies big and small, and the need to bridge the IP awareness gap for innovators and entrepreneurs has never been more important.

Join us for an interactive fireside chat, featuring some of Canada’s top IP Rights experts and leading entrepreneurs as they discuss the importance of IP Rights and the challenges and opportunities IP presents in today’s knowledge-based economy.