Module 3 Contents:


The content in this course is for purposes of general information regarding some basic principles of intellectual property law.  IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS LEGAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Please seek independent legal counsel if you have a particular question for which legal advice is required.  

Introduction to Module 2: Value of IP

Completing Module 2 will require completion of:

  • Review of all slides and completion of all activities questions
  • Completion of Module 2 Quiz, with a passing grade of at least 80%

Learning Objectives

In this module, the importance of IP rights as business assets will be covered including how different forms of IP can be used to create value. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe how IP rights can represent important assets for a business
  • Identify the different ways that IP rights can be used for commercialization
  • Explain why an IP strategy is important for commercializing IP rights and achieving your business goals
  • Describe ways to combine different IP rights to extend protection

There will be a quiz on this module to test these learning objectives.

This video from CIPO below summarizes ways to commercialize IP.