Module 3 Contents:


The content in this course is for purposes of general information regarding some basic principles of intellectual property law.  IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS LEGAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Please seek independent legal counsel if you have a particular question for which legal advice is required.  

Learning Objectives

In this module, we will focus on patents, an important and well-known form of IP rights. It will describe the basic steps required to secure a granted patent and the importance of filing patents in other countries. The concept of inventorship and ownership is also briefly covered. After completing this section, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of a patent filing date
  • Distinguish between inventorship and ownership
  • Explain strategies to be aware of prior to filing a patent application
  • Outline the basic steps involved in obtaining a patent in Canada
  • Identify common jurisdictions in which patent applications are typically filed

There will be a quiz on this module to test these learning objectives.

Assigned Topics

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Congratulations! You have reached the end of Module 3: Applying for a Patent.

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