Program Outline

Level 1 – IP Foundations is a three Module program designed to introduce learners to the general foundations of IP and related topics, including patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and trade secrets. Modules will be presented in various slide decks with built-in interactive activities and graded quizzes at the end. Level 1 is comprised of three modules:

  • 1.1. Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) and IP Rights
  • 1.2. Patents – Learn the Basics
  • 1.3 Copyright – Learn the Basics
  • 1.4 Industrial Designs – Learn the Basics
  • 1.5 Trademarks – Learn the Basics
  • 1.6 Trade Secrets – Learn the Basics
  • 2.1 Value of Patents
  • 2.2 Value of Copyright
  • 2.3 Value of Industrial Designs
  • 2.4 Value of Trademarks
  • 3.0 Applying for a Patent

This online program will be augmented with optional lectures, workshops and presentations outside of this training as part of a general IP education program at the University. Participation in these events is highly encouraged but not required for the completion of the program. No prior knowledge of intellectual property is required to take this training.

Learning Module Descriptions and Requirements

This training is intended to provide a strong background in the basics of Intellectual Property (IP).

Learning Objectives

This level covers the following topics:

  • The concept of Intellectual Property (IP) and IP rights
  • The different types of IP rights and what they protect   
  • The value of IP in commercialization 
  • The basics of filing a patent application

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Identify the most appropriate type of IP protection for the different forms of IP   
  • Recognize the different strategies for deriving value from IP rights 
  • Describe the basic requirements and steps involved in securing a patent in Canada


Graded Quizzes: At the end of the Modules, there will be 3 graded Module quizzes that will help test your comprehension of the material.  There will also be a Level 1 – Quiz to test your overall application of the concepts. Students are required to score at least 80% on all 4 quizzes to count as a completion. Multiple attempts to obtain a passing score are permitted.

Additional resources and workshops

Optional instructor-led workshops and panel events will be available throughout the term to provide additional learning opportunities with legal and industry guests. As new workshops become available throughout the term, we will be using the UTE newsletter and UTE Events page to let you know about these events and how you can register to attend. Although these workshops and events are not mandatory for successful completion of the program, we highly recommend that you attend at least once per term to increase your exposure to practitioners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs as they share personal advice. For more resources to enhance your experience, please be sure to visit the Support and Resources page.


Accessibility resources

The slide decks will be available in pdf format for download on each section page. Video transcripts will also be available in pdf format below the slide decks. Embedded videos have closed captioning in English and French provided in the video.


If you require assistance navigating this training, please contact us.