You have now completed all three modules of Level 1.

In order to complete this training, you must complete two more assignments: the Level 1 Quiz and the Reflection Survey.

Level 1 – Quiz

The following quiz will test your overall comprehension of all the concepts covered in these modules. As a reminder, you will need a score of at least 80% in order to successfully complete this training. 

Reflection Survey

The Reflection Survey will be conducted off-site on Survey Monkey. The purpose of the Reflection Survey is to capture what strategies you have learned and hope to apply to future situations and settings. It will not be graded but completion of all 10 questions will be required.

Please complete the survey off-site, then return to the “Reflection Survey” page of the Assignments to record the date and time of your completed survey.  Be sure to click “Submit Assignment.” This will then notify the program coordinator that you have completed Level 1.

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