UTSC’s Sustainability Initiatives: 2020 and Beyond (Adams Sustainability Celebration)

The University of Toronto’s Scarborough (UTSC) campus has a long history and commitment to issues related to the environment, as well as social equity and inclusion, and this is now at the forefront of our priorities as a campus as part of our recently released Strategic Plan. In the spring of 2019, eight working groups of students, staff, and faculty consulted with more than 1,100 people from inside and outside our campus, reviewed extensive data and other documents, discussed and debated ideas and ultimately, presented their findings. Through this inclusive process, we made a commitment to champion sustainable livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystems of local and global relevance and resonance in a manner that gives pride of place to Indigenous initiatives and expresses our collective values of equity, diversity, inclusion and accountable stewardship. In developing our Strategic Plan, it became evident that ‘sustainability’ was the focus of numerous and diverse individuals and groups across the campus. To capture this diversity, we are currently creating an inventory and mapof activities, programs, research, and academic networks as a basis for all future initiatives and programs at the campus. We are building on our legacy, while looking to the future. During this session, the panelists will connect-the-dots between what is envisioned for the campus in our Strategic Plan, and what our mapping exercise has revealed, including any feedback we may receive from our community. This event is part of the Adams Sustainability Celebration.