Together with Russ Heddleston of DocSend

Attaching a file to an email can feel like sending a message in a bottle. You never know when — if at all — someone will receive your note. DocSend has solved the problems with email attachments, by creating a digital platform that shares and tracks sensitive documents. Founded in 2013, DocSend is used by more than 15,000 professionals for pitch decks, sales, and more. Join TechTO for a conversation with Russ Heddleston, the co-founder & CEO of DocSend. Russ will share some key lessons he picked up from working at startups. Plus, he will explain the process of building an innovative product that requires a critical mass of early adopters. What will you learn? • How to educate customers about the benefits of a new product. • How to manage distinct sets of customers with very different needs. • How to grow a company with earned media.